LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack (70422) Official Images Released

Shrimp Shack Attack (70422)

Last February at the New York Toy Fair 2019, the LEGO Group has revealed its first-ever collection of sets that combines augmented reality with brick building play. The LEGO Hidden Side is LEGO’s newest play theme that integrates augmented reality through the use of a smartphone app with physical construction to unravel a hidden world of ghosts and ghouls. With eight (8) sets under its belt, seven (7) of these were officially introduced earlier this month, with one still waiting to be revealed. And thanks to French LEGO fansite Hoth Bricks, we now have a look at this upcoming set – the LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack (70422).

Shrimp Shack Attack (70422)

Like the rest of the sets under the Hidden Side theme, the Shrimp Shack Attack (70422) features a typical restaurant that transforms itself into a spooky, haunted diner.  It’s like a two-in-one build where one can have a seemingly normal-looking diner and alternately reconstruct its haunted alter ego. Using the LEGO Hidden Side AR app allows you to reveal and interact with the set’s mysterious and hidden features. You get to play the role of teen bloggers Jack and Parker as they explore the mysteries of their hometown of Newbury overrun by malevolent ghosts.

Shrimp Shack Attack (70422) 70422 2

The LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack (70422) comes in at 579 pieces and will retail for $49.99 USD. It features five (5) minifigures including Jack, Parker, a diner customer, a ghost cook and waitress, and a ghost dog figure. This set and the rest of the Hidden Side sets will be available at all local LEGO Stores and at starting August 1. You may also keep tabs with the LEGO Hidden Side minisite for more updates.

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