“LEGO Masters Australia” Finals Marred by Judge-Audience Dissonance on Winning Team

Henry Cade win LEGO Masters Australia 2019 2

“LEGO Masters” from the UK’s Channel 4 has proven itself as a popularly entertaining reality show. Seeing LEGO-building teams compete in elimination until one is crowned is a surprising audience magnet. Endemol Shine must’ve realized the potential when it licensed the show for overseas adaptation, Australia’s Nine Network among them.

 “LEGO Masters Australia” has finally concluded its inaugural season this week on Nine. The finale which aired Tuesday, May 14, saw the final three teams go head to head. Their final task was to create their own brick build, with all the tech skill and visual storytelling they can muster.


In the end, the best-mate duo of Henry and Cade, both in their mid-thirties, triumphed. They created a diorama of a robot-Greek God Poseidon attacking a ship in a stormy sea. Their work was praised by judge Ryan “Brickman” McNaught, Australia’s top LEGO Certified Pro (LCP). Unfortunately, some viewers dissented.

On social media, these “LEGO Masters Australia” fans expressed their opinion that runners-up David and G (officemates) should’ve won. Their team created a large theme-park build with rides and attractions that moved via LEGO mechanics. They also flooded an opinion poll in Nine Network’s Twitter, up-voting David-G over Henry-Cade and the third-place team of Jordan-Miller.

As for David-G’s “theme park” final challenge, Brickman did have a significant criticism regarding the overuse of green LEGO elements. As for team Henry-Cade, he described them as playing to their strengths with impressive brick-sculpting.

While the decision is final, to the critics’ disappointment, the incident hasn’t been controversial enough to endanger “LEGO Masters Australia.” Nine Network has already renewed the reality LEGO-building program for season 2, with Brickman McNaught and host Hamish Blake returning.

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  1. David and G made a great exciting fantastic moving LEGO creation. While the other did great too, but it was not kinetic which could have been great.

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