LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers Building Instructions Released Online

LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers

So, how’s that LEGO Stranger Things hype? It’s now a day since the late-night/midnight launch events in NYC and London where the LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) was a massive hit with everyone who saw it. And aside from the set’s official reveal, attendees of the respective events had a great time with the crowds, spectacle, and entertainment. Part of the activities offered during the launch of 75810 was a Make-and-Take event. Those who joined in got the opportunity to build a miniature of another famous landmark from “Stranger Things.” Who can resist the sight of a LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers mini-build, that little fort in the woods? Can anyone not be charmed by a LEGO interpretation?

A Reddit user has done LEGO and “Stranger Things” fans a solid by posting the LEGO Stranger Things Castle Byers Make-and-Take building instruction sheet. Like all M&Ts of the sort, the instructions are but two pages long. They should be easy to follow for curious builders who couldn’t be there for the actual launch events.



Even if a LEGO fan needs to hunt down some parts listed online, he won’t need to spend much. A calculation done on the Reddit post claims the total for all bricks to be roughly $5 only. About the only details permanently missing from self-builds of LEGO Castle Byers are the label-stickers for the signs.

Back with the star of the shows last Tuesday-Wednesday, VIPs can get LEGO Stranger Things – The Upside Down (75810) now. The rest will have to wait until June 1. We also invite you to look back at the nifty and fun promo teasers LEGO presented before/after the set’s official reveal.

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  1. I was number 31 in the Leicester Square event queue and I would say there were maybe 150 or so people behind me at midnight; so I am not sure if they did reach full turn out of 300 wristbands for the signing. The table for the Byers Castle build was crowded and I reckon a lot of people may have not bothered and I read stories of people who missed out on the stickered tiles. This could well be one of the rarest LEGO sets in existence thanks to the 2 small stickered tan tiles. The instruction sheets were only being guarded and “shown” by store employees and are even rarer as originals from the event. Where you could pick one of these up for £45-50 all auctions have dried up and at time of writing this there were only 3 left for sale on eBay and one of those is £250 but comes with what certainly looks to be original event instructions. Prices of this tiny set will go through the roof as the LEGO fan community at large starts to catch up with the exclusivity that has largely gone under the radar.

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