More Spacey Goodness with Official Images of LEGO City Mars Exploration Rocket Transport (60229)

lego city mars 60229 0001

In late April, the next chapter of 2019 releases for LEGO City was unveiled (via a Dutch toy retailer). The upcoming sets offer players a chance to go into space, to the moon and beyond, until Mars. Six space-themed LEGO sets had their official images revealed that day. It turns out there’s more to show.

Sometime we’re just amazed at how fast many online LEGO or toy retailers in Europe can get these images out. This time it’s the turn of Playzone, a retailer from the Ukraine, to impress. Promo Bricks notes they’ve got a listing of the largest LEGO City set in this batch.


At 1,055 pieces the LEGO City Mars Exploration Rocket Transport (60229) will dominate any space setting that combines all its fellow sets into one location. It should; after all, it’s a Mars rocket on a tracked carrier transport. Completing the look are set-pieces for mission control and mechanics, plus a smaller truck and exploration rover.


Space exploration enthusiasts in the know with the latest news would think the rocket booster designs featured in this set are sort of like what private company SpaceX is doing. The space capsule seats two astronaut minifigures, and there are more support personnel (and a robot) at work everywhere else.


When LEGO fires up the imagination, they don’t pull their punches. LEGO City builders who want to expand their brick-built community for exploring the final frontier will want this Mars Exploration Rocket Transport (60229) as part of their urban planning. On that thought, the rest of the 2019 space-themed City sets will go equally nicely.

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