New LEGO Ideas 10-K Passer for First 2019 Review Stage: DDBDR’s Machu Picchu

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Okay, it’s shaping as if the shared themes between the 10-K product ideas awaiting the First 2019 Review Stage are turning into a tangled dodecahedron. Sets of buildings? Check. Several TV show set designs? Check. Now we’re getting a new ready-for-review LEGO Ideas submission that’ll add the shared themes of “historical structure” and “South America.”

Ideas member DDBDR created a nicely-rendered LEGO Architecture-esque build of one of the iconic landmarks in South America. That would be the Incan mountain city-fortress of Machu Picchu in Peru. In 511 pieces DDBDR managed to capture all pertinent details of the 15th-Century estate of the Emperor of the Incas.

From the stone buildings, to the terraces that were once used for farming, and the mountain peak looming behind the whole complex, one might think they’re viewing a 3D image of the real Machu Picchu site when they see this landmark product idea by DDBDR.


The other 10-K submission with the most commonalities to this Machu Picchu set is Maxakalisaurus’ Museu Nacional – Rio de Janeiro. Both are South American historical structures (the latter being in Brazil). It’s going to be a strong competition between the two when it comes down to it, especially as the Museu burned down recently, giving it a potential sympathy push.

Aside from those two, there are already seven more competing submissions for the LEGO Ideas First 2019 Review Stage. There’s The Office – NBC, 123 Sesame Street, Anatomini, SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy, The Pirate Bay, Addams Family Mansion and Kakapo.

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