Tease Some More: LEGO Stranger Things Previews Just Keep Coming Ahead of Launch

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As the 15th of May comes ever closer, things have been getting even Stranger. LEGO Stranger Things is the hot new upcoming licensed franchise for LEGO. It stands to reason that it’ll get a lot of attention in terms of promotion. Following the announcement of details for its London launch, LEGO now reveals how this will go in New York.

Lest you forget, ahead of the midnight launch of LEGO Stranger Things at the Leicester Square Store, its NY counterpart at Flatiron will have a late-night event of its own on the 14th. There’s also a new teaser on Twitter.

Rather than a mockup of an ostensibly 1980s LEGO commercial this teaser references a memorable still-life scene from Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” but rendered in LEGO. If you need help, the Morse-code caption reads “Coming/SE/Soon.” With that, we’ll now discuss what new details the Flatiron District LEGO Store has for getting the LEGO Stranger Things set.

We already know the event schedule of 9 to 11 PM (EDT) on May 14. Aside from being able to buy the new set, guests can participate in a “special building experience.” A LEGO mural is also on hand for selfies. Participants will also have refreshments while they hang out with fellow “Stranger Things” fans.

About the only thing the NY launch event lacks is the opportunity to have their LEGO Stranger Things sets signed. The lead designer’s over in Leicester Square. Oh well, at least the US is getting the hot new set early.

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