Let’s Talk About the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 19

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Alright, this is like those moments where you have to address the elephant in the room – and this is somewhat expected. They’ve started appearing online a few days ago and from the looks of things, somebody seemed to have an early hands-on take on LEGO’s next CMF line still slated for release sometime in September. We had a hint of its release date through a teaser that first appeared in the LEGO Catalogue 2HY (July to December) released in the Netherlands. Though we don’t have official images yet of this next wave of collectible minifigs, the checklist or the insert for the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 19 is now making its rounds online. I am not at liberty to share its leaked image right here, but just a few clicks and an Instagram search will point you to the way if you really want to be in the loop. For the meantime, let’s talk about each of these minifigures and see if LEGO made a good call in coming up with them.

Do take note that these are just tentative names for each of the sixteen LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 19 characters based on common observations among LEGO fan forums. So with that out of the way, let’s check out this list of names and characters as they appear on the blind bag insert.

1. Video Gamer -it’s not quite clear to me if this minifigure is holding a video game poster, a case or some sort of oversized trading card. But I’m more compelled to think that it is a video game case of sorts. He also carries a new LEGO video game controller – yes, it’s a new one – and it takes its cue from an Xbox console. With regards to the minifig itself, I like how the earphone turns out as it compliments the ‘bring your game on’ look from this veteran gamer.

2. Shower Guy – This guy is happy with his new shower cap piece and I’m sure a lot of fans will be glad to have it as well. Accessories include a rubber duckie that comes in a new green color and scrub.

3. Ghost Knight – I like this minifigure for its translucent minifig head and sword accessory. The shield itself is imposing enough with its intimidating bat print, while the Ghost Knight’s helmet looks similar to those worn by ancient gladiatorial combatants. An army of this and you have a force to reckon with.

4. Monkey King – what caught my attention right away are the fine details that appear on the armor/torso of this Monkey King minifigure. The minifigure head is of a new print which is somewhat similar to the LEGO Chima minifigs that were released from 2013-2014. Accessories include a cape, shoulder plate, and staff.

5. Lady Programmer – this is a great addition to any science lab MOC that you might be working on. This minifig seems to sport a binary themed shirt and what looks like a new hairpiece that is arranged as a bun. She also comes with a brick-built mini robot and a laptop piece that comes in a new color variant.

6. Lady Mummy – LEGO has released a handful of mummy minifigs in the past, but this latest iteration comes in as a female character. She also comes with a new green headdress that is quite different from the standard mold that previous mummy minifigs have. She also comes with a gold scorpion figure.

7. Wildlife Explorer -this minifigure seems to have been inspired by 2017’s LEGO City Jungle subtheme. I like how the details turned out on its torso as it complements its overall outdoor vibe. The Wildlife Explorer also comes with a backpack, magnifying glass and a cowboy hat accessory worn by McCree in LEGO Overwatch Dorado Showdown (75972), making this 2nd minifig to sport such a headgear. It also comes with a chameleon figure which I bet will be one of the reasons why people will feel their way to its blind bag.

8. Lady Fire Chief – I have to admit that I’m a bit underwhelmed with this one since this year’s LEGO City Firefighters subtheme already features its first female firefighter in Burger Bar Fire Rescue (60214). However, this latest iteration comes with a slightly different color scheme and printing, a new hairpiece, a red firefighter helmet and what seems to be a new megaphone element which she uses to give her marching orders.

9. Dog Babysitter – the obvious takeaway for this CMF are the dog figures that come with it. We already have our first French Bulldog figure from LEGO CMF Series 17 (71018) released two years ago and this time around, LEGO is kind enough to throw in not one, but two dog figures in one pack.  The Dog Babysitter minifig includes not just a French Bulldog, but also a new Dachshund figure. Oh, and as an added bonus, we also have our very first LEGO poop element! It’s kind of hilarious to think of the many possibilities that can come out from this seemingly harmless looking piece of LEGO element.

10. Pizza Guy – The LEGO Movie 2 CMF (71023) introduced us to the Watermelon Guy, and it looks like this latest Series 19 minifig decided to borrow his costume and garnish it with generous portions of pepperoni. The Pizza Guy also comes with a new 2×3 printed tile to complement his mouth-watering costume. This minifigure is on my must-have checklist, as it looks great alongside the LEGO City Pizza Van (60150) from 2017.

11. Space Hunter – I’m sure Blacktron fans will love to have their hands on this one. His all-black armor is accentuated with yellow markings akin to the laser sights. He also comes with a new helmet design and what seems to be a red, holographic wanted poster.

12. Flamingo Lady – here’s another example of a minifigure blind bag that you might possibly want to feel your way through because of the accessory that comes with it. Series 19 introduces us to our first flamingo figure and it looks great! I love the brightness of its color and a handful of these will make an excellent lakeside MOC. The Flamingo Lady minifigure comes in a color combination that perfectly highlights the color of the flamingo itself.

13. Rugby Player– have a dozen of this and you certainly have a winning LEGO minifigure team. This Rugby Player comes in with dual-molded legs, a new dark green helmet (or black?) and a new a ball accessory that we can expect to be highly sought for in any sports-themed MOC.

14. Fox Suit Guy – this is one entry that seems to have missed the CMF train from the LEGO Movie 2. He comes with a chicken figure and a bag accessory to place his catch (or prey) of the day. This minifig is a great addition to anyone’s growing collection of costumed minifigure characters.

15. Rainbow Care Bear – now for a lack of a better term, I’ll go for what majority of LEGO fans are calling this little fella. Perhaps taking a cue from the classic 80s animated series, this Rainbow Care Bear sports a white shirt, with a pastel-colored rainbow printed on it. But other than the pop culture reference, this minifigure comes in a rare pink and blue pastel color theme and a new rainbow-printed semi-circular plate and a heart-shaped tile as well.

16. Bicyclist – this minifigure comes with a green helmet accessory, a pink torso, and dual-molded legs. The catch with this minifig is the blue bicycle piece that comes with it. Though we have plenty of bikes to go around especially those from the LEGO City theme, it seems to me that this is the first time that we have this in a blue variant.


Again, this latest LEGO CMF is slated to be released sometime in September, so we can somehow expect official images to come out early in August. So what do you think of the new LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 19? Which one is a must-have for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Author: Albert Balanza

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 19”

  1. The Wildlife Explorer is clearly inspired by Johnny Thunder from the Adventurers line from 1998. My favourite LEGO theme of all time and therefore my favourite LEGO Minifig ever.

    Needless to say, I’m hyped for this series and need to get this guy. Also, it is great to see Lego hasn’t forgotten him. Maybe there will be a day the Adventurers line will return in all its glory? I can still dream.

  2. So excited for the Flamingo, Foxsuit, that weinerdog with poo element and that new green rubber ducky.

  3. I’m pretty sure that Wildlife Explorer is also largely based on Johnny Thunder.

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