Make Your Own LEGO Tree In The Woods With These Building Instructions

LEGO Tree In The Woods

Last week LEGO brand stores all over launched a promotional Make and Take building event to celebrate the release of the LEGO Ideas Treehouse (21318) set.  Marking this event is the promotional LEGO Tree In The Woods – a microbuild of its larger cousin coming in at 53 pieces. LEGO fans who managed to sign-up for this Make and Take Building Event were able to bring home this easy to build, LEGO Tree In The Woods.

I like this set personally, and its many possibilities for inclusion in other MOCs, like minifigure vignettes for example. And for those who were not able to make it during this in-store event (such as me), we have the Brickfinder to thank for, for sharing these instructions online. As you can see from the parts list, there is no particular hard-to-find or exclusive part included (except probably for the leaf elements and the frog figure), so its likely that you have all the parts needed to create your own mini LEGO Tree In The Woods.

LEGO Tree In The Woods

The building instruction is pretty straightforward starting with the 6×6 plate. Afterward, it’s simply moving upwards stacking the pieces on top of each other. You may download the building instructions right here as a PDF file, or check out the images right here. Thanks again to the Brickfinder for sharing these to all.

LEGO Tree In The Woods lego tree in the woods instructions 02


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