Take a Look at the Wackiest Bedrock Inventions in this LEGO Ideas Contest

Wackiest Bedrock Inventions

The winners have been chosen! If you recall from last June, the LEGO Ideas platform launched a contest that challenges builders to come up with their wackiest Bedrock inventions inspired by the recent LEGO Ideas The Flintstones (21316) set. The building champs have been finally selected, with a grand prize winner and two runner-ups bringing home the titles of being the coolest builders around Bedrock. These are fun builds actually, and I would definitely like to try and build them myself if given the opportunity. Let’s check them out.


Mini Scale Rockhead Quarry

Wackiest Bedrock Inventions

This build is amazing at so many levels. First off, I’m a fan of mini and microbuilds and this winning entry from Digibricks_Kit managed to capture all these familiar dinos in such a tiny scale. The best part of it is that this minibuild was even able to provide a humorous context for this creation where a three-stud tall Fred and Barney are easily seen busy operating their, well, dinos.

Yabba Dabba Dinky!
Mini Fred and Barney are working 9 to 5 down at Rockhead Quarry, but when the whistle blows (or tweets) its time to rock!
  • Fred on Diplodocus Crane
  • Barney on Allosaurus Roller
  • Triceratops Bulldozer
  • Site office
  • Whistle-bird
  • Quarry base with cliff
All digitally crafted in loving, intricate mini-scale detail!
The Ultimate Stoneage Gadget Kit

Wackiest Bedrock Inventions

Just what essential tools does a typical Bedrock citizen needs? Just drop by Sammy’s Stone Age Store and get the best recommendations out there. LEGO builder Jcreations912 came up with a list of handy dino-powered tools that you see in this Ultimate Stoneage Gadget Kit such as an insatiable grass-gobbling dino, a sharp-beaked bird for those hard to cut leather clothing, and a portable sawing fish just to name a few. This is THE gadget kit that a Bedrock citizen will ever need.

Attention! All Bedrock citizens!
New at Sammy’s Stone-Age Store is the latest and greatest…  …Household Gadget Kit!
This new, highly useful kit is packed with the latest and best quality of Bedrocks inventions. It has everything that you could need to help you out around the home. With it, you will be able to mow the lawn, trim the bushes, water the garden, open jars, cut the veg and chisel messages like never before! How can you call yourself a modern stone-age citizen without all these modern conveniences?
Items included:
  • A grass gobbling Dinosaurus gobblus
  • The amazing watering-can Pelecanus waterus
  • A sharp-nosed Fishus sawus
  • A sharp-beaked Birdus cuttus
  • An ever-handy Birdus hooknose 
  • A piece of the finest Bedrock slate
  • A perfectly carved bone chisel and a sturdy stone hammer
  • And a practice stone jar for your Birdus hooknose
The items in this kit work in real life. e.g. as you push the lawnmower, its mouth opens and closes and the birds’ beaks open and close.


Grand Prize Winner

Mammoth Rocket Ride

Wackiest Bedrock Inventions

Bedrock residents know the importance of continuous innovation especially in the field of the newly discovered area of air transportation. Applying the latest science of jet propulsion, this Mammoth Rocket Ride represents the pinnacle of their technological achievements. Builder Stevenhoward27 even managed to turn it in a 2-in-1 transporting vehicle if in case the wholly mammoth got a bad case of the colds.

In an attempt to travel further distances across Bedrock in shorter times and to beat the daily rush-hour traffic, the Mammoth Rocket was conceived.  With a quick and powerful boost of water sprayed through the trunk of a wholly mammoth strapped into a carved out giant oak tree this rocket will launch its two pilots across the skies and get them to their destination in no time.  As an added bonus, this launch platform is mobile!  Strapped to the back of a happy dino, you can take off from anywhere you’d like!  The Mammoth Rocket is still being tested, but the engineers have high hopes of reaching space… possibly even traveling to the greatest rock quarry of all time, the moon!

As for their rewards for coming up with these wackiest Bedrock inventions, the Grand Prize winner received an exclusive, custom-built LEGO Bedrock Building Champ Trophy plus an array of cool LEGO Ideas sets such as of course the LEGO Ideas Flintstones (21316), Pop-Up Book (21315), Voltron (21311), Ship in a Bottle (21313) and Tron Legacy (21314). On top of this, the building champ also received a $300 shopping spree at LEGO Shop@Home.

So what do you think of these creations? Which among these wackiest Bedrock inventions would you like to try and build? Let me know in the comments below, and for the latest LEGO Ideas sets out there, be sure to visit shop.LEGO.com. Happy building!

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