First LEGO Architecture 2020 Sets Revealed

LEGO Architecture 2020

We now have our first images of the LEGO Architecture 2020 sets for the first half of the upcoming year. These sets take their cue from some of the famous landmarks in the world, and for the following year, LEGO is putting the spotlight on Tokyo and Dubai’s skylines.

Traditionally, LEGO releases around 4 or 5 LEGO Architecture sets within a year. For 2019, we saw the release of two Architecture sets that also carry the Skyline subtheme: the LEGO Architecture San Francisco (21043) and Paris (21044).  On the other hand, the rest of the sets released for this year focused more on the theme’s Landmark Series such as the Trafalgar Square (21045) and Empire State Building (21046).

These upcoming LEGO Architecture 2020 sets will join the rest of the new-for-2020 sets to be released beginning January 1, 2020. If you’re a fan of this particular LEGO theme, then be sure to keep tabs with LEGO Shop@Home or here at our blog site for more updates. A hat tip to Promobricks for the timely info.

LEGO Architecture Tokyo (21051)

547 pieces | 59.99 Euro

LEGO Architecture 2020 21051 1


LEGO Architecture Dubai (21052)

740 pieces | 59.99 Euro

LEGO Architecture 2020 21052 1


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