LEGO Trolls World Tour Sets Make Their Debut

LEGO Trolls World Tour

After catching a glimpse of them last month, we finally get to see how the LEGO Trolls World Tour sets will fair before they are released in January 2020. Yahoo has shared our first set images of six of these tie-in sets that celebrate Dreamworks’ sequel to their Trolls film back in 2016.

From the looks of it, these six LEGO Trolls World Tour sets feature a crazy colorful selection of building sets based on the other Troll kingdoms revealed in this sequel. This selection of new for 2020 LEGO sets consists of one “4+” set and five regular sets. I’m not really a fan of the first film, but I have to say that LEGO did an excellent job recreating these kaleidoscopic characters.

These new LEGO sets are all slated for a general release at the turn of the clock on January 1st, while the film itself will make its theatrical debut on April 17. Check out these crisp, set images and let me know what you think about them.

Lonsone Flats Raft Adventure (41250)

173 pieces | $29.99 USD 

LEGO Trolls World Tour


Poppy’s Pod (41251)

103 pieces | $19.99 USD

LEGO Trolls World Tour


Poppy’s Air Balloon Adventure (41252)

250 pieces | $29.99 USD

LEGO Trolls World Tour


Techno Reef Dance Party (41253)

159 pieces | $19.99 USD



Volcano Rock City Concert (41254)

387 pieces | $39.99 USD



Pop Village Celebration (41255)

380 pieces | $49.99 USD


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