LEGO Star Wars Christmas X-wing (4002019) Revealed as This Year’s LEGO Employee Gift

LEGO Star Wars Christmas X-wing (4002019)

Following LEGO’s tradition of making the holiday season more fun for all of its employees across the globe, LEGO’s Vice President for Design Matthew Ashton took to Twitter his excitement for this year’s LEGO Employee Christmas Gift set. In case you’re working for the LEGO Group and you don’t mind the spoilers, then you might be glad to know that 2019’s LEGO Employee Gift is the festive LEGO Star Wars Christmas X-wing (4002019).


This year’s gift follows some of the best brick incentives that LEGO has to offer to its employees. Starting 2016’s 50 Years On Track (4002016) which is a personal favorite of mine in this subtheme by the way even if I’m still dreaming of owning this set, we also have 2017’s Nutcracker (4002017) and last year’s Santa and Reindeer (4002018). Even if these sets come as a sort of reward or incentive for the hardworking LEGO employee, these gifts are not by any means cheap. Coming in at an average of 1,000 pieces, these gifts have a premium vibe in them that makes me cringe whenever I see one listed on eBay. In fact, this year’s LEGO Star Wars Christmas X-wing (4002019) gift set is already up on eBay where uninterested LEGO employees have already decided to exchange them for cash.

This year, LEGO saw it fit to pay tribute to the legendary Star Wars X-wing Fighter as it celebrates the latter’s first debut as an official LEGO tie-in set 20 years ago. This current, festive version of the iconic Rebel starfighter comes in as a larger, upscale model decked in red and white just in time for the holidays. Here’s a closer look at this set’s box art as shared by LEGO Build Offs and Banter Facebook page.

LEGO Star Wars Christmas X-wing (4002019)

LEGO Star Wars Christmas X-wing (4002019)

4002019 4

Like its predecessors, this gift set seems to have a play feature. The backside of the box art suggests that the X-wing can be mounted on top of the small igloo-like build, while the inclusion of the Technic gears at the bottom implies that the model may be rotated at the base. This is quite an impressive feat considering the relatively large size of this brick-built X-wing. The set also comes with several familiar minifigs decked in holiday garb: a Yuletide Squadron Pilot, Master Yoda, and of course everyone’s favorite droid, R2-D2. Oh, the joys and perks of working for LEGO…

4002019 7

So what do you think of the LEGO Star Wars Christmas X-wing (4002019) employee gift?  Do you think its a good call from LEGO to offer this one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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