LEGO Employee Christmas Gift 2017 Revealed

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If I will come up with my own list of the Top Ten Coolest Jobs in the world, then being a LEGO Store Employee will surely sit in the top 3 spots on my list – the second and first being a LEGO Master Designer, and LEGO Senior Designer respectively. Having the coolest job in the world also follows that you are entitled to some of the best company perks and gifts that may be offered, and those working under the umbrella of The LEGO Group surely know the perks.

It has been customary with LEGO to share the Yuletide cheers among its employees during the holidays by giving a uniquely designed LEGO set that each LEGO Brand Store employee is fortunate enough to receive. Last year, we saw the LEGO Store Employee Gift 50 Years on Track (4002016) as the perfect holiday gift for those who are privileged to work inside the premises of the LEGO Store. The 50 Years on Track (4002016) set, coming in at 1,141 pieces, represents some of the best-loved LEGO train sets that the company designed in the span of 50 years. It was an absolute microscale masterpiece that only LEGO employees are very fortunate to have.

This 2017, it seems that LEGO is still keeping the tradition of sharing its blessings in the form of an uber-exclusive set that LEGO Store employees can expect. Similar to last year’s 50 Years on Track, the first images of this year’s LEGO employee gift have been spotted over at eBay. Listings for the LEGO Store Employee Gift Nutcracker (4002017) have been quite numerous recently on the secondary market, with some selling for as much as $300. Coming in at 732 pieces, this year’s LEGO employee gift seems to borrow some design ideas from the recent LEGO holiday promotional set bearing the same name – Nutcracker (40254). Here are some images of set 4002017 posted over at eBay and Instagram.


The LEGO Store Employee Gift Nutcracker (4002017) sits as the next holiday gift that LEGO has offered to its ever-reliable store employees since 2010. However, I have to say that it could be the least appealing as well. By far the best gift that LEGO designers came up with was last year’s 50 Years on Track set which also happens to be the largest employee gift set made up of more than 1,000 LEGO pieces.  I also couldn’t help but notice that the box art and design could have been improved further to make it more aesthetically appealing. I am not really sure if I’ll bring myself to like that coffin-looking box for our little tin soldier.

Of course, I may be wrong in all of these since I am just giving my initial impression based on how the box art looks like rather than seeing the actual build. I just hope that we can have some kind, LEGO Store employees that will share how this gift looks like when it is finally built.

Thanks to Bouwsteentjes for sharing the above images.

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