LEGO DOTS Initial Line Up Officially Revealed


After the initial reveal of the LEGO DOTS theme earlier this month, LEGO has now provided a press release that gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from this new line up of LEGO toys. To kickstart its debut, LEGO has also teamed up with artist Camille Walala to bring LEGO DOTS to life through a public art installation aptly named HOUSE OF DOTS in London while giving us an idea of what the latest LEGO theme will be like. You can read the full press release right here.


What I find intriguing is the way LEGO DOTS are expected to be used. Not just as a line of accessories just like what we first thought similar to the now discontinued Clikits, but also as a medium of artistic expression using a canvas. Whether you’re creating wearables or simply decorating your room with LEGO pieces, LEGO DOTS will help you do that and more. Plus new printed tile pieces will be introduced which also includes emoji-like pieces, music notes, and much more.

LEGO DOTS 1HY2020 Lifestyle 41906 environment 01

LEGO DOTS taps into the arts and crafts space by using a 2D tile-based play concept that offers children a creative canvas for self-expression. Based on multiple shapes and colorful tiles, it is supported by an exciting portfolio that ranges from wearables to room décor with surfaces designed for individual customization and self-expression. To excite young creatives even more, over thirty mood tiles are also being introduced, incl. facial expressions, music note, cosmic planet, star night, paw prints and a rainbow pooh – and many more.

Here’s the first wave of LEGO DOTS products that we can expect starting March 1.


RRP from: £ 4,99 / $ 4,99 / € 5,99

Rainbow Bracelet (41900)


Funky Animals Bracelet (41901)

41901 Prod

Dark Unicorn Bracelet (41902)


Cosmic Wonder Bracelet (41903)
Tropical Birds Bracelet (41912)


Room Decors

Picture Holders (41904)

423 pieces | RRP: £ 12.99 / $ 14,99 / € 14,99

41904 Prod


Jewellery Stand (41905)

213 pieces | RRP: £ 12.99 / $ 14,99 / € 14,99

41905 Prod


Pineapple Pencil Holder (41906)

351 pieces | RRP: £ 17.99 / $ 19,99 / € 19,99

41906 Prod


Booster Bags (41908)

Polybags with raw colored and decorated tiles (RRP: £ 3,99 / $ 3,99/ € 3,99)

41908 Box1 v39


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