New LEGO Dots Theme Coming This March


Since 2018, there have been some rumors circling around the LEGO community that LEGO is set to launch a new theme surrounding a brick-built jewelry and accessory lines catering to young girls. Initially thought to be labeled as LEGO iCreate having a 2019 release date, we now have confirmation that this newest girl accessory line is now named LEGO Dots, expected to arrive in LEGO Stores in March of this year.

This confirmation came in the way of the Italian LEGO Catalog for this first half of the year. Similar to LEGO’s announcement of the arrival of five (5) LEGO Minion sets, there’s nothing much to see about this particular page for LEGO Dots. The way the images are laid out suggests that these brick accessories are something that LEGO fangirls will be surely excited about.


Perhaps the closest that we can imagine how LEGO Dots will look like is if we go compare it to what LEGO did with its Clikits theme way back in 2003 when it began as a sort of a collection LEGO stationery sets.  Since then until 2006, the theme itself saw as much as 80 and more sets that encouraged younger LEGO fans to mix and match their accessories.

LEGO Clikits Tropical Breeze Jewels ‘n’ More (7546) from 2006.

I really don’t know exactly the reasons why LEGO decided to pull the plug on LEGO Clikits after a good 4-year run and 80+ sets released under the said theme. Perhaps for some good reason, LEGO saw it fit to revive a similar theme catering to a new generation of LEGO fans receptive enough for its return. Whatever is the case, it is interesting to see how LEGO will somehow consolidate all of its accessories and LEGO jewelry line under one theme. As a LEGO fan builder, I’m also interested to see if LEGO will introduce new parts that may also have practical value in terms of building, or will it largely be the same as with Clikits which were almost entirely only for aesthetic purposes. We just have to wait and see.

Thanks to Brickset for the heads up.

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