LEGO Friends 2020 Sets Unveiled at the Nuremberg Toy Fair

LEGO Friends 2020

Adding to the portfolio of LEGO Summer 2020 sets, LEGO has also pulled off the veil from its LEGO Friends 2020 sets all of which are now on display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Similar to the LEGO City and LEGO Creator sets that are on display, photography is not allowed so we will be sharing their set names and expected retail instead, courtesy once again of German LEGO fan correspondent Zusammengebaut.

This next wave of LEGO Friends 2020 sets slated for summer follows a summer vacation and jungle conservation themes and will be available sometime in June and July.

LEGO Friends 2020 Summer Sets
  • Baby Elephant Rescue (41421) – €29.99
  • Panda Rescue Station (41422) – €29.99
  • Hot Air Balloon Tiger Rescue (41423) – €39.99
  • Animal Rescue Station (41424) – €79.99

There are also some new Heartlake City sets that further expand this particular subtheme of LEGO Friends.

  • Olivia’s Flower Garden (41425) – €9.99
  • Waffle House (41426) – €19.99
  • Emma’s Fashion Shop (41427) – €29.99

And to get on with the summer outings and happenings, LEGO is also throwing in three summer-inspired LEGO Friends 2020 sets.

  • Beach House (41428) – €49.99
  • Airplane (41429) – €69.99
  • Water Park (41430) – €99.99

Plus the new-for-2020 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar were also introduced.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41420) – €24.99

41374 1
The LEGO Friends Andrea’s Pool Party (41374) from last year features a water slide function. The newer LEGO Friends sets will now include a water tube slide entirely.

The largest among the series, the LEGO Friends Water Park (41430) is said to features a handful of interesting new LEGO pieces such as the new tube pieces designed to be a sort of water slide. It is wide enough for a mini-doll to pass through while being watertight at the same time. Similar to the new play features of the LEGO City 2020 sets that focus on a Deep Sea Explorer subtheme, these new LEGO Friends summer vacation themed sets may also be played on water. Such trends with these new LEGO sets are somewhat interesting, considering that they add a new level of play not typically seen with previous LEGO sets. The Baby Elephant Rescue (41421) also features a new, blue elephant figure that adds to the roster of unique animal figures available under the LEGO Friends theme.


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