Winners of the $100,000 LEGO Mindstorms Voice Challenge Announced

LEGO Mindstorms Voice Challenge

Back in September last year, LEGO in partnership with Amazon has launched the LEGO Mindstorms Voice Challenge Powered by Alexa calling all talented LEGO Mindstorms builders and programmers to come up with their coolest and brick-built robots operated and controlled by Amazon’s Alexa. After almost 4 months of review, the results are in with six Finalists and one Grand Winner bringing home the title of being the Ultimate LEGO Mindstorms Champion. Watch the video demos of the winning entries.

Finalist – Smart Susan

Everybody loves a tea party but many can’t afford a butler so this entry into the 13 – 17-year-old Creators category transformed the Lazy Susan into a Smart Susan.


Finalist – LEGO MINDSTORMS Puppy Training using Alexa Voice Control

Get the ultimate puppy owner experience: build a LEGO MINDSTORMS puppy and teach the puppy the basic commands using Alexa.


Finalist – LEGO MINDSTORMS Wafflebot with Amazon Alexa

You talk to a robot about waffles, then the robot MAKES YOU WAFFLES.


Finalist – Paige Turner

An Alexa voice-controlled, LEGO MINDSTORMS robot that can read and turn pages of books for the visually impaired.


Finalist – Amazing Amazon Alexa’s Magic Show (feat. LEGO MINDSTORMS)

Amazing Amazon Alexa teams up with the Legendary LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 to perform an amazing magic show.


Finalist – Sky Finder

Explore space with this LEGO MINDSTORMS gadget and ask Alexa to show you the locations of planets, stars and even galaxies.


And the Grand Prize goes to… can you guess? To our favorite LEGO Technic Master builder and LEGO Ideas fan designer Jason Allemann. Known as JKBrickworks in the LEGO fan community, Jason impressed the contest’s judges with his super fun and engaging Game Station. If you recall, Jason is also the genius behind the previously released LEGO sets such as the LEGO Ideas Maze (21305) back in 2016, and the Pop-Up Book (21315). His latest accomplishment as the overall winner of the LEGO Mindstorms Voice Challenge further cements his title as one of the most talented and brilliant LEGO builders of all time. Check out winning entry below, and again congratulations to all the winners!

Grand Prize – Game Station

Challenge yourself and your friends with interactive games powered by Alexa.



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