LEGO Masters US Episode 1 Recap and Highlights

LEGO Masters US

The pilot episode of LEGO Masters US has finally arrived last week, and our ten pairs of contestants never failed to wow viewers and LEGO fans with their awesome builds and Instagram-worthy brick creations. The rule is simple: build the grandest and most ambitious original LEGO creation in 15 hours based on an overarching theme, and see if it can tick all the boxes that the judges are looking for.

LEGO Masters US
All ten, Dream Park Theme Park creations from the first episode of LEGO Masters US. Image credit: Fox TV.

For its first episode, Will Arnett did not beat around the bush (except for an occasional joke or two) when he explained what’s at stake throughout the entire competition: a staggering $100,000 for the winning pair, a unique LEGO trophy, and the bragging rights for the first-ever LEGO Masters US. And for the first challenge, they have to impress contest judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard with their original Dream Park Theme Park creation with the goal of earning the elusive Golden Brick. This will grant the winner a kind of immunity that will protect them from elimination whenever they find themselves in a rough spot throughout the course of the contest.

golden brick
The Golden Brick is up for grabs in the pilot episode of LEGO Masters US. Image credit: Fox TV.

Each pair of contestants went to work right away determined to create an impression with their first entry in this season. Christian & Aaron turned heads with their visually stunning Spaceland carnival and its massive Ferris wheel centerpiece. Krystle & Amie immediately knew that a Fairy Wonderland Park is the thing for them with their Flying Fairy Carousel. The LEGO-building, police and communications tandem of Mel & Jermaine opted for an Egyptian-themed Pharaoh Sands theme park. The father and son team of Manny & Nestor and their Team G Dream Adventure Mountain. Undoubtedly, one of the most elaborate builds in this episode were also delivered by Boone & Mark with their Timber Town theme park. Not to be outdone, Sam & Jessica also came up with their own mechanical rides with their candy-themed, Sugar Hill theme park. Perhaps the most technically challenging creation in this episode will be Tyler & Amy’s Funny Farm with its ‘egg drop’ silo. The Daydream theme park is a sort of throwback to brothers Travis & Corey when they used to make their own brick-built rides when they were kids. Jessie & Kara, on the other hand, found themselves in a relatively difficult situation when they decided to scrap their original plan altogether in favor of a pirate, castle, and space-themed park which they collectively dubbed Journey Through Dreams. But thankfully they managed to pull it off. Finally, we have the team of Richard & Flynn with their Spooky Town carnival ride with its bat-themed Fun House.

timber town
Mark & Boone’s Timber Town was a sure contender in this episode. Image via Fox TV.
Christian & Aaron’s Spaceland theme park wowed the judges in this first episode of LEGO Masters US, giving them a one-time shot for immunity in the next grueling challenges of LEGO Masters US. Image via Fox TV. 

In the end, there can only be one recipient of the Golden Brick and for this episode, the immunity goes to the winning duo of Christian & Aaron with their Spaceland theme park. Manny & Nestor also teetered towards the bottom two ranks together with Sam & Jessica. The former due to an incomplete roller coaster ride that failed to impress the judges, while the latter due to a glaring technical problem with their motorized bumper cars. If Boone & Mark somehow managed to pull off the roller coaster mechanism in their Timber Town, I’m very positive that they will have a greater chance of earning that Golden Brick.

at risk pairs
At-risk of elimination was the teams of Manny & Nestor, and Sam & Jessica. Image credit: Fox TV.

In a gladly surprising turn of events, there were no eliminations during this pilot episode. However, the stakes will be higher this Wednesday where we will get to see who among our teams will be the first to go home. Be sure to stay tuned on Fox this Wednesday at 9/8c where our contestants will be coming up with their best space-themed creation that will be later on smashed in slow motion. While waiting, be sure to keep those purchase receipts when you buy your next LEGO set to have a shot in winning through the LEGO Masters US Sweepstakes raffle.

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