Keep Little Builders Busy With These Brick Show Quarantine Creations

Quarantine Creations

By now, a large portion of the planet has already felt the brunt of COVID-19. With local governments enforcing a strict quarantine or lockdown at homes to contain this pandemic, I guess it’s just a matter of time before boredom creeps in. It also doesn’t help to know that LEGO brand stores will be closed for the next two weeks or so. But no matter where you and your family are during these challenging times, the good news is, there are many ways to keep the young ones busy, and perhaps even the grown-ups as well. With just a few LEGO pieces and a generous amount of creativity, we can all have fun at home as we weather out this quarantine period. This is what Tyler and the gang have in mind in this newest TBS series entitled Quarantine Creations. Check out our initial episode below.

You might have seen Tyler already in LEGO Masters US, and this time around he will be giving us a walkthrough on how to build flying vehicles starting with a fleet of miniature helicopters. Just be sure to have those LEGO bricks around and check your collection. In fact, the parts that he used to create these minibuilds are relatively common, so I guess finding the necessary parts will not be that difficult. These building projects are also easy to follow that even our young, budding LEGO masters will enjoy creating it.

Here are some of the LEGO pieces that Tyler used for today’s episode of Quarantine Creations. Do you think you can find these in your LEGO collection?

Similar to his previous videos, Tyler makes it easy for kids and adult fans of LEGO to understand the LEGO magic (aka building techniques) behind these Quarantine Creations. I find it useful as an AFOL whenever he injects some lessons about the building techniques that he used behind each brick creation. You may even find this handy for other similar projects that you might be working on.

As I mentioned, this week will be about things that fly – helicopters, proper planes, jets, and even hot air balloons and airships – so be sure to stick around. Just follow our official Facebook page, or you may also subscribe to The Brick Show Shop’s YouTube channel for daily updates.

Do you have anything else in mind that you want to be featured in Quarantine Creations? Let me know in the comments below.

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