New LEGO Star Wars Busts Revealed: Stormtrooper (75276) and Boba Fett (75277)

LEGO Star Wars Busts

If you recall back in August of last year, news from the leaking faucet hinted of more LEGO Star Wars busts that are in the works, following the release of the Darth Vader (75227) and Sith Trooper (77901) brick-built busts. However, it should be noted that this pair of LEGO Star Wars busts are exclusive to their respective fan events and were not made available to the larger general public.

Like any other LEGO event exclusives, a lot of fans were left feeling a bit disappointed about not having access to these collectibles. But this time around, LEGO is now introducing a pair of new LEGO Star Wars sets to make it up somehow to the fans of one of its most lucrative licensed themes. It looks like that the LEGO  Star Wars Stormtrooper (75276) and Boba Fett (75277) busts are now a very sure thing, with first images of its box art now shared online by LEGO 3rd party retailer Toy Santa.

The way LEGO markets these brick-built busts (intended for adult builders 18 and up) clearly shows that they are for LEGO Star Wars AFOLs. I like the premium, UCS-like packaging on these sets, which are quite sizeable by the way, considering that they come with more than 600 LEGO pieces – almost double the size of the Darth Vader and Sith Trooper busts that were mentioned earlier.

The box art for these LEGO Star Wars busts also hints on the fact they are commemorative sets, marking the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back when it was first released in theaters back in 1980. It also bears the film’s commemorative logo bearing the silhouettes of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader’s in their timeless father-and-son confrontation.

There is also no definite retail price as of this time, but we can expect these sets to be somewhere between $70 to $80 USD considering the number of pieces for such licensed sets.

The LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper (75276) and Boba Fett (75277) are not yet listed at LEGO Shop@Home, but considering that images such as these are starting to appear already from third-party retailers, then we can expect more info to appear very soon, so stay tuned!

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