LEGO Masters Australia Season 2 Kicks Off Today

LEGO Masters Australia Season 2

Season 1 of LEGO Masters US may already be over, but it seems that Australian fans of the LEGO-inspired reality show will now see more of Hamish Blake and seasoned LEGO Certified Professional Ryan ‘The BrickMan‘ McNaught as LEGO Masters Australia Season 2 kicks off today.

The highly successful collaboration between Tuesday’s Child Productions and the LEGO Group saw a huge audience viewership of more than 1.3 million all over Australia – prompting both companies to bet another season for the show. Here’s a look at this batch of LEGO Masters Australia Season 2 contestants, all vying for that sweet $100,000 prize and title to become the country’s next pair of LEGO Masters.

Andrew and Damian
LEGO Masters Australia Season 2
Image courtesy of Nine.

Age: Andrew is 49 and Damian is 43
From: Queensland
Occupation: Andrew is a music teacher, Damian is a graphic designer

Annie and Runa
annie and runa
Image courtesy of Nine.

Age: Annie is 30 and Runa is 29
From: Victoria
Occupation: Annie is a tea leaf reader and Runa is a scientist

Jackson and Alex
LEGO Masters Australia Season 2
Image courtesy of Nine.

Age: Both Jackson and Alex are 29
From: Western Australia
Occupation: Jackson is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, Alex is an environmental engineer

Jay and Stani
jay and stani
Image courtesy of Nine.

Age: Jay is 42 and Stani is 41
From: New South Wales
Occupation: Jay is an illustrator and Stani is a painter

Jennifer and Jodie
LEGO Masters Australia Season 2
Image courtesy of Nine.

Age: Jennifer is 31 and Jodie is 38
From: Queensland/South Australia
Occupation: Jennifer is a researcher and program coordinator, Jodie is a stay-at-home mom

Summer and Iona
summer and iona
Image courtesy of Nine.

Age: Summer is 19 and Iona is 18
From: South Australia
Occupation: University students

Tim and Dannii
LEGO Masters Australia Season 2
Image courtesy of Nine.

Age: Tim is 25 and Dannii is 26
From: Victoria
Occupation: Tim is a furniture salesman, Dannii is a casual relief teacher

Trent and Josh
trent and josh
Image courtesy of Nine.

Age: Trent is 38 and Josh is 27
From: South Australia
Occupation: Trent is an accountant, Josh is a school chaplain and children’s ministry worker

Here’s a video that introduces our eight pairs of LEGO Masters hopefuls. What strikes me the most is that unlike our initial batch of contestants from the first season of the show, Season 2’s contestants seem to be more diverse, representing a larger portion of the LEGO fan community. One of the criticisms that were thrown over at the show during its first season is its seemingly “unbalanced” roster of contestants, consisting of professional LEGO builders as well. I’m not familiar with this next wave of contestants but based on their video interviews, I can fairly say that they represent a much better section of the larger LEGO fan community.

The first episode of LEGO Masters Australia Season 2 will air on Nine today, April 19, at 7:00 PM (AEST).


Source: Nine

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