Auditions for LEGO Masters US Season 2 Is Now Open!

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We’re still feeling the hype with Tyler and Amy being awarded as the first-ever US LEGO Masters, and it looks like FOX is now gearing up for season 2. Yes, you heard it right – LEGO Masters US Season 2 is happening, and with it, a casting call has been announced once again via a dedicated website

LEGO Masters US Season 2

Same as before the launch of the first season of the show, would-be LEGO Masters will need to register online by filling in details (and a lot of it actually) about themselves including other relevant info that highlights their love for the LEGO brick.

You can either register by pair or solo (though the former is more desirable) and be sure to have images of your or your partner available, including five of your best ORIGINAL LEGO builds or MOCs. Be sure to also have a 1-minute video that describes what you love so much about building with LEGO and why you or your team should be considered as the next LEGO Masters. There is no particular deadline that was mentioned as of this posting, but its always better to be prompt with auditions such as this.

tyler and amy winning lego masters us
Couple Tyler and Amy Clites being awarded as the first-ever US LEGO Masters.

I just hope that similar to what Season 2 of LEGO Masters Australia has to offer which is already airing, by the way, LEGO Masters US Season 2 will represent a more diverse selection of contestants from the LEGO fan community.

So what do you think? Do you have the passion, skills, and creativity to become the next US LEGO Masters? Be sure to register and let us know what you think.

LEGO MASTERS is produced by Endemol Shine North America and
Tuesdayʼs Child under license from The LEGO Group, for The LEGO Group. It is aired via FOX TV in collaboration with Plan B Entertainment Holdings.


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