LEGOLAND Exclusive Sets Goes On Sale

LEGOLAND Exclusive Sets

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak confining almost everyone indoors and limiting our movement outside, LEGOLAND saw it fit to offer some of its previously exclusive sets online for the benefit of all LEGO fans. Traditionally, these LEGOLAND exclusive sets are only available for park visitors who opt to bring home the magic of their LEGOLAND experience. Bu this time around, collectors may now have the chance of getting their own limited-edition sets while these theme parks are on temporary closure until April 15.

This is also a way for LEGOLAND to somehow recoup some of their expenses now that they are virtually inoperative. Some of these LEGOLAND exclusive sets, particularly the LEGOLAND Park (40346) are also on a discount so you may want to check this out as well.

And similar to LEGO Shop@Home‘s current promotional, single-receipt purchases at LEGOLAND online retail worth $50 or more will entitle you to a free LEGO Easter Egg (40371). If you wish to avail of these LEGOLAND exclusive sets, just read on and click on the following links below.

LEGOLAND Park (40346)

1,336 pieces | $64.99

LEGOLAND Exclusive Sets

Extend the ultimate LEGOLAND experience at home. Features 10 minifigures, including 2 LEGOLAND Park employees, more than 1300 elements and various fun attractions and play scenarios.


LEGOLAND Driving School (40347)

209 pieces | $19.99

LEGOLAND Exclusive Sets

The LEGOLAND Driving School is a visitor favorite and now that fun can keep going at home. The set comes with 4 minifigures and accessories including traffic cones, stop signs, traffic lights and even a gas station.


LEGOLAND Fire Academy (40393)

221 pieces | $19.99


Capture the moment of the cool LEGOLAND Fire Academy ride. Includes 3 minifigures, a fire truck, action play elements, park map and stickers.


LEGOLAND Train (40166)

210 pieces | $19.99


The iconic LEGOLAND Train set includes 4 minifigures: the train operator, mom, dad and child and accessories including shovel, broom, ladders and stickers.


LEGOLAND Micro Castle (40306)

220 pieces | $19.99


Featuring Ollie, the LEGOLAND dragon, this set includes 1 minifigure and accessories including a camera and cool grey LEGO “castle” bricks.

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