Exclusive LEGOLAND Park (40346) Set Building Instructions Now Available Online

LEGOLAND Park (40346)

Last month, LEGO revealed that LEGOLAND Parks and Discovery Centers will be exclusively offering the LEGOLAND Park (40346) set to all its visitors and guests beginning June 1st. This 1,336-piece set will retail for $90 USD and features an impressive amount of minifigures – eleven (11) in total. Check out the following official images courtesy of Promobricks.

LEGOLAND Park (40346)

This set features some of the park’s most famous attractions and landmarks such as its iconic entrance, a Knights themed roller coaster, a Pirate Island ride, Miniland, and an observation tower. The LEGOLAND Park (40346) also sports a LEGO Store, hotdog stand, and a park bench. The choice of minifigures included in this set does not disappoint as well – I like how LEGO opted to add a wheelchair, a baby carrier and a baby minifig in this set. Needless to say, it is a great build that can be added to any existing themed park MOCs that you’re working on.

However, if in case you’re quite far from any LEGOLAND Parks or Discovery Centers, then it might help to know that LEGO Customer Service has uploaded the building instructions for this set. Except for a few relatively new parts (such as the new railroad parts used in the LEGO Creator Pirate Roller Coaster), and a handful of stickers, you may try to Bricklink your way in gathering the necessary parts in replicating this set. You may also download the complete set of building instructions for the LEGOLAND Park (40346) right here.

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Though this is a great set to have, I’m not really sure if I’m in favor of how LEGO handles their “exclusive” sets. Because in the final analysis, it’s the loyal fans who have no access to these exclusives that ultimately end up in the losing end, while LEGO scalpers out there charge a rather exorbitant amount for these highly sought after sets. These are just my two cents on the matter, though. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Great set, as usual. I agree with you 100% about the availability. It’s really a shame that the vast majority of Lego fans who want this set will have to get it on the 2ndary market, where unscrupulous scalpers mark it up 30, 40, 50% higher and more. Lego should be well aware of this situation by now but, unfortunately, they still don’t seem prepared to do anything about it (or even care that there’s a problem). I love the free market, don’t get me wrong, but making every set available to all isn’t such a hard problem to overcome. Plus, if the argument is that these exclusive sets bring in customers, I’d have to say a solid ‘wrong!’. The amount of people who only go to a Lego Park or Discovery Center ONLY for this specific set must be incredibly small.

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