LEGO Super Mario Outfits Set Names Revealed

LEGO Super Mario Sets

It seems that LEGO still has a handful of surprises in store for us coming from its LEGO Super Mario line. Slovakian online store Svetmodelov, has listed four LEGO Super Mario outfits sets to watch out for in August.

LEGO Super Mario Outfits
A screenshot of the LEGO Super Mario outfits listed at Svetmodelov.

There’s no further info about these sets, save for their loosely translated titles, and expected retail price.

Fire Mario Outfit (71370)
Flying Mario Outfit (71371)
Cat Mario Outfit (71372)
Builder Mario Outfit (71373)
Action Cubes (71361)

From the get-go, these titles suggest that the brick-built Mario figure that comes with the Starter Course (71360) will be having a handful of outfits or costumes the way the video game intends it to be. And based on their listed price of approximately 10€ each, we can probably expect that this will include an exclusive LEGO piece for the costume (since the main figure seems to sport a removable lower torso) and several LEGO pieces to accentuate it.

Aside from these LEGO Super Mario outfits, there’s also a separate set referred to as Action Cubes (71361). I’m not really sure what these are exactly, but it’s safe to assume that this might be additional interactive cubes given its price range of 4€. As a side note, Build Better Bricks features a collection of superb custom LEGO Mario Cubes that you may want to check out. Watch their video below.

As of to date, we now have 16 LEGO Super Mario sets to look forward to including the now listed Adventures With Mario Starter Course (71360), and the confirmed and upcoming expansion sets such as the Piranha Plant Power Slide (71366) and Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle (71369). Other confirmed sets include the Super Mushroom Surprise (30385) polybag and the Monty Mole and Super Mushroom Expansion (40414) set, plus other sets that will include several of the classic characters from the video games.

It is clear that LEGO intends this to be one, integrated theme by adding expansion sets to the Starter Course that mimics the overall feel of the classic video game. The LEGO Super Mario outfits and other related sets are slated to be released in August, so we hope to see more details about these expansion sets during the next few weeks.

Thanks to The Brick Fan for the heads up.

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