LEGO Monkie Kid’s Delivery Bike (30341) Polybag Arriving Soon

Monkie Kid's Delivery Bike (30341)

The announcement of the LEGO Monkie Kid theme has been welcomed positively by LEGO fans, and it appears that there will be an additional polybag set to look forward to. A LEGO Monkie Kid’s Delivery Bike (30341) polybag has been introduced, and I guess its just a matter of time before it lands in US LEGO Stores.

Monkie Kid's Delivery Bike (30341)

A report from the Brickfinder suggests that a polybag will accompany the new LEGO Monkie Kid theme, similar to other LEGO themes or product series. The said polybag was first spotted during the LEGO Monkie  Kid’s Shanghai launch event last May 15 and was subsequently made available at the LEGO brand store in Shanghai for a minimum single-receipt purchase of any LEGO products and merchandise worth RMB369 (roughly $50 and above). Other than the LEGO Monkie Kid’ Delivery Bike (30341) polybag, there were also other exclusive promotional freebies that were given away at the said LEGO Store such as a LEGO Monkie Kid commemorative brick and a LEGO Monkie Kid Storage Head.

The LEGO Monkie Kid’s Delivery Bike (30341) features an alternate version of Monkie Kid wearing his kitchen garb, similar to what you can find in sets such as Pigsy’s Food Truck (80009) and Red Son’s Inferno Truck (80011). The delivery bike itself is a great addition to the overall theme, with its clever, brick-built bamboo steamer attached at the back. The polybag also seems to include a unique printed 1×2 plate, though I really can’t place my finger on what it is looking at the image.

As of to date, this polybag is yet to be seen in LEGO Shop@Home in the US, but my bet is that it might be included as a promotional freebie anytime soon or once the LEGO Store June Calendar is published.

The LEGO Monkie Kid sets are now available, and if you wish to take a closer look at these, you can find a good number of crystal clear images right here. Thanks again to the Brickfinder for the heads up.

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