New LEGO Super Mario Power-Up Packs Announced

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After an online retailer listed possible LEGO outfits for LEGO Super Mario, LEGO has now released the official names of these LEGO Super Mario Power-Up Packs, and what to expect from them.

Slated to be released on August 1, these Power-Up Packs consist of four customizable outfits for the LEGO Super Mario figure included in the Starter Course (71360). Slipping them on the figure will unlock new features and other coin-collecting skills. These Power-Up Packs include several pieces for the suits that activate these new features mentioned. I expect these to be like new sound effects and on-screen behaviors as seen from the video reveal below.

I was hoping that the Flying Mario outfit will be based on his classic raccoon suit, but I guess having the Propeller Mario from the New Super Mario Bros Wii also turned out to be nice. Check out the following images below, and other details from LEGO regarding this new series of LEGO Super Mario Power-Up packs. Each of these expansion sets will be available starting August 1, with a retail price of $9.99. They’re not listed yet at LEGO Shop@Home, and I’ll update this page once they’re available.

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Fire Mario Power-Up Pack  (71370)

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When LEGO® Mario™ is powered up with this suit, he can gain Fire Attack power – a new way to attack enemies and collect extra coins.


Propeller Mario Power-Up Pack  (71371)

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Propeller sounds are triggered when players dress LEGO® Mario™ in this suit and make him ‘fly’ to try and win coins. The propeller suit allows LEGO Mario™ to take to the skies, making new sounds as he soars through the air and collects coins. Take LEGO Mario™ on an action-packed flight and turn your living room into a giant LEGO Super Mario™ level!


Cat Mario Power-Up Pack (71372)

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71372 Lifestyle 01

This suit gives LEGO® Mario™ cat-like skills. Dress him in the special pants and cap and he’ll start to meow and purr. Wearing this suit gives Cat Mario™ the special power to walk up vertical obstacles and collect coins. It’s the purr-fect way to have even more fun with the LEGO Super Mario™ levels.


Builder Mario Power-Up Pack (71373)

71373 Lifestyle envr

71373 Lifestyle 01

When LEGO® Mario™ is wearing this suit, players can earn digital coins by making him stomp hard on LEGO bricks in the course they have created. The more he stomps, the more coins you win! It’s a brick-bashingly brilliant way to have even more fun with the LEGO Super Mario™ levels.

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