LEGO Brick Sketches Sets Now Listed at LEGO Shop@Home

LEGO Brick Sketches

Since its reveal last month, the new LEGO Brick Sketches theme received a lot of mixed reactions from the LEGO fan community. Expected to be geared towards older fans of LEGO (though the product description suggests that it is also offered to 8 years and above), the LEGO Brick Sketches sets allow some room for creative expression, rather than being desired for its virtually lacking play feature.

Nevertheless, these sets are now listed at LEGO Shop@Home for those who are interested. The LEGO Brick Sketches theme currently offers four licensed variants coming from the DC and Star Wars themes: Batman, The Joker, a First Order Stormtrooper, and BB-8. Designed by avid LEGO MOC builder turned LEGO designer Chris McVeigh, these brick portraits are built on a 12×16 baseplate that also comes with a sturdy, built-in hook that you can use to either hang the portrait on a wall or as a stand for tabletop displays.

These sets are slated to be available for purchase starting July 15. You may click on the following affiliate links if you want them added to your LEGO wishlist over at LEGO’s online shopping portal.

Batman (40386) 

115 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Brick Sketches

The Joker (40428)

170 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Brick Sketches


First Order Stormtrooper (40391)

151 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Brick Sketches


BB-8 (40431)

171 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Brick Sketches

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  1. This is great! It’s similar to the Lego Art sets but these are more simple and child-friendly. It’s also less expensive lol, but they are different anyway. If you’re interested in things like these, you can also go head over to The Toy Report for more toy reviews and articles about your favorite toys like Star Wars and Lego. Thanks for this btw, great article! 😀

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