New LEGO Star Wars The Child (75318) Set Spotted in Luxembourg

LEGO Star Wars The Child

Though this piece of news is not entirely new, I’m pretty sure that a lot of LEGO Star Wars fans out there will be looking forward to this. Thanks to an eagle-eyed fan who happened to be at the right place at the right time in a shop somewhere in Luxembourg, we now have our very first image and confirmation of the LEGO Star Wars The Child (75318).

The image, which was shared by a reader of German LEGO fan site StoneWars, shows the box of the brick-built Baby Yoda on display at The Cactus shop. Probably another case of a third-party retailer not being mindful of embargo dates, the LEGO Star Wars The Child (75318) can be seen on display alongside its wiser counterpart, the LEGO Star Wars Yoda (75255).

75318 shelf
Image courtesy of StoneWars.

Based on the listing, we can figure out that the said brick statue of Baby Yoda will be retailing for 99.99 Euros (or probably around $79.99) and will be available on November 1 just in time for the holidays. Plus, the timing couldn’t be better considering that Season Two of the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian will be arriving by October 30 as well.

LEGO Star Wars The Child
Image courtesy of StoneWars.

Unfortunately, we do not have info as of the moment regarding the piece count on this set but we can surmise that The LEGO Star Wars The Child will stand at 19 centimeters tall or 7.5 inches, and 21 centimeters wide (8.3 inches). It features a tiltable head and left hand, and posable ears. Both of its arms are fixed and this is understandable considering how the designers opted to emphasize the fine details of Baby Yoda’s garb. Its left hand also features the silver orb that he playfully took from The Mandalorian’s ship. The set comes with its identification plate reminiscent of LEGO Star Wars UCS sets, plus a Baby Yoda minifigure found only in the LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest (75292).

75318 2
Image courtesy of StoneWars.

Though I do not find myself liking that brick version of Yoda in set 75225, I have to say that LEGO designers did a great job in rendering his younger kin. I love how its tilting head and movable ears can immediately convey its emotion, which makes the character endearing to any Star Wars fan.

So what do you think of this LEGO version of The Child? Will this be on your  must-have LEGO shopping list? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and or the latest LEGO Star Wars sets be sure to visit LEGO Shop@Home.

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