New LEGO Monkie Kids’ Team Quadcopter (80023) Revealed

LEGO Monkie Kids' Team Quadcopter

Last week, LEGO revealed several sets that we can expect sometime in the first quarter of 2021. Announced during the 3rd China International Import Exhibition (CIIE), these upcoming LEGO sets celebrate the classic Chinese culture and its classic stories and mythologies. One new offering, in particular, is something that most fans of the latest LEGO Monkie Kid theme will surely welcome – the LEGO Monkie Kids’ Team Quadcopter (80023).

80023 Prod

Slated to arrive in March 2021, the LEGO Monkie Kids’ Team Quadcopter (80023) features the theme’s main protagonist and his friends as they square off once more with the forces of the Spider Queen. Though other product details of this set are yet to be revealed, it can be seen that other than the quadcopter itself which is the main build of the set, we can see that it also includes a portion of the team’s headquarters which will nicely go with the LEGO Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ (80013). The Team Quadcopter (80023) set also features a couple of spider bots and a radar-equipped cannon as part of the Spider Queen’s arsenal. Finally, the set will also include 8 minifigures and 1 big fig, with the set retailing for 149.99 euros when it launches in March next year together with six, yet-to-be-revealed Monkie Kid sets.

The LEGO Monkie Kids’ Team Quadcopter (80023) is part of the third wave of LEGO Monkie Kid sets scheduled to be released next year. Introduced earlier this year, it features a storyline that is directly inspired by the classic story Journey to the West, given with a modern LEGO twist. Inspired by the 500-year-old story of the Monkey King, LEGO Monkie Kid is the LEGO Group’s take on a new, untold chapter of the legendary tale. This new LEGO theme has also spawned an animated series of the same title that chronicles the journey of our main character as he thwarts the evil plans of the Demon Bull King and his minions

As of to date, there are already 11 sets currently available under the LEGO Monkie Kid theme, with 7 more to be offered in the first quarter of 2021. And in case you haven’t checked on these latest LEGO Monkie Kid sets, be sure to check with LEGO Shop@Home for more details.

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