The LEGO Ideas Website Now Has a New Look

LEGO Ideas Website

Over the years, the LEGO Ideas website had its share of aesthetic and functional improvements. And this time around, the LEGO fan builder platform has made its most significant visual refresh to date.

As reported by LEGO Engagement Manager Hasan Jensen, it is their way of making all of these little improvements consistent or complimentary of each other, giving the site a de-cluttered, and more simplified look. Specifically, here’s what we can expect:

Over the last months, the team has worked towards giving LEGO Ideas a brand new look focused on simplifying, modernizing and improving the visual experience and consistency across the site.

As we have added new experiences and functionality over the years, we came to the realisation that this was not done in the most consistent way and needed an overhaul to get it all aligned.

During this time, we also took the opportunity to make minor tweaks in various places including:

  • Moving the Blog into the top navigation and subsequently moving Community into the Explore tab
  • Moved from a 4 column design in Explore/Search to place focus on the individual design. Focus on the design submitted is further enhanced by a reduction of the supporter counter.
  • Adding a “Supporting” flag on all Product Ideas you have already supported
  • Moved your “Followers” and “Following” in the profile tab to the left side of the profile page, making the central part all about the content you submit
  • And more…

Other than realigning some of the site’s functionalities and directories, Hasan also made mention of some new rules regarding posting main images of product ideas. This is done so that all entries will now be consistent with how the new LEGO Ideas website looks like.

In order to maintain a clean and consistent look across the site, main images of submissions will no longer be allowed to contain any text or titles, unless otherwise specified.

The only exception is text that is a part of stickers/prints on elements that are explicitly a part of the LEGO model submitted. Text/titles placed on LEGO elements so as to bypass this will not be allowed.

lego ideas new rules

For builders and fan designers to have some time to adjust to these new rules, the LEGO Ideas Team will start moderating entries beginning Monday next week, February 22. This means that any submissions done after midnight of the 21st will no longer be allowed to have text on their main images as stipulated in the guidelines. And though the LEGO Ideas Second 2020 Review Stage has already been concluded, we can expect these changes to be applied to future and current product submissions.

Like any other online collaborative platform, the LEGO Ideas website is not perfect and it will appreciate any feedback that it can get from the LEGO fan community. So what do you think of these changes? Do you think the LEGO Ideas Team has it all covered, or do you have some areas or functionalities that you want to look into? Let us know in the comments below.

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