WATCH: LEGO Creator Expert Porsche 911 (10295) Designer Video

LEGO Creator Expert Porsche 911

After making its official debut, the LEGO Group has now released an accompanying designer video for its recent 2-in-1 masterpiece,  the LEGO Creator Expert Porsche 911 (10295). LEGO Design Master Mike Psiaki gives us an in-depth look at the creative process behind this recent offering. Watch the video below.

After giving audiences a brief historical background of the 70s Porsche 911, Mike revealed some pretty neat aspects of the new LEGO Creator Expert Porsche 911 (10295). As a 2-in-1 build, you have the option of creating either the model’s powerful counterpart which is the 911 Turbo, or the more laid back and relaxed version of the 911 Targa. Its accompanying building instruction, as disclosed by Mike, is unique in itself in that it gives you the option of selecting which version of the Porsche 911 will you like to continue midway as you build the set.

And of course, the set also features first-for-March 2o21 parts as detailed by LEGO Element Designer Yoel Mazur. Particularly, the use of a new triple bow for the back of the Porsche, giving it a sleeker, more polished look; and a new 5×5 quarter-circle that accentuates its classic rear wheels. I can just imagine the possibilities that these new elements will offer LEGO fan builders. Other than these new LEGO pieces, it is interesting to note that this set does not feature any stickers at all, and LEGO has gone the extra mile of offering printed elements for all of the set’s interior and exterior details.

LEGO Creator Expert Porsche 911

10295 5x5 quarter circle

10295 exterior printed elementst

10295 interior printed elementst

The LEGO Creator Expert Porsche 911 (10295) is expected to roll-out both in-store and online starting February 16 for LEGO VIP members, and on March 1st for the general population. Clocking in at 1,458 pieces it is expected to retail for $150. You may click here to find out more about this latest LEGO offering.

So what do you think of this new LEGO Creator Expert set? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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