WATCH: LEGO Creator Expert Police Station (10278) Designer Video

After making its official debut a couple of weeks ago, LEGO has now released an accompanying designer video for its next modular set, the LEGO Creator Expert Police Station (10278). LEGO Designer Chris McVeigh gives us an inside tour of the Police Station (10278), and its neat little secrets waiting to be revealed. Watch this.

The LEGO Creator Expert Police Station is the 16th modular set under the subtheme. It’s a long time coming actually, and a perfect addition to the ever-growing collection of modular sets that deserves a premium spot in your LEGO room or shelf.

Like those before it, the Police Station is more than just a modular set. In typical LEGO fashion, it tells a story amongst its minifigure characters, particularly with the mysterious Donut Thief. It boasts several play features including a winding staircase that passes through all its floors.  Aside from the Police Station itself, the set also has an adjacent Donut Shop, an apartment, annex, and a newsstand.

LEGO Creator Expert Police Station
The LEGO Creator Expert Police Station (10278) features a winding staircase that passes all through its three floors.
LEGO Creator Expert Police Station
What are the secrets that this newspaperman is hiding?

LEGO fans will notice that this set also offers several new recolored LEGO pieces, including some new decorated elements. As mentioned by LEGO Graphic Designer Ashwin Visser, these include a prominently displayed 1×4 plate with a printed police sign, two printed round tiles for the Donut Shop, and a new 2×2 square tile newspaper among others. What is also interesting is the use of several LEGO Minecraft wolf headpieces for the building’s cornice and the 1×3 inverted bow in new colors. The set also boasts five new minifigures, including ’40s-era Police Officers.

LEGO Creator Expert Police Station
Some of the new recolored pieces that are introduced in the LEGO Creator Expert Police Station.

The LEGO Creative Expert Police Station (10278) is slated to arrive exclusively via LEGO Shop@Home and at LEGO brand stores starting January 1, 2021. It clocks in at 2,923 pieces and will retail for $199.99 USD.

Will this set make it to your LEGO wishlist for 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

LEGO Creator Expert Police Station (10278) Launches in January 2021

After teasing at its arrival earlier this week, LEGO has now officially introduced its next modular set slated to be released in January 2021. The LEGO Creator Expert Police Station (10278) is now listed over at LEGO Shop@Home and is expected to retail for $199.99.

Like other modular sets of its caliber, the LEGO Creator Expert Police Station is packed with fun details and play features that adult LEGO fans will surely find endearing. The way Chris McVeigh designed the set even tells a story of the mysterious Donut Thief that managed to find his way inside the adjacent Donut Shop via a secret access route. I’m pretty excited to discover the little surprises and details in this set myself.

Read on to know more about this next modular set, and you may also click on the following affiliate link below if you wish to add this to your LEGO wishlist for 2021.

LEGO Creator Expert Police Station (10278)

2923 pieces | $199.99 | Available starting January 1, 2021

LEGO Creator Expert Police Station

LEGO Creator Expert Police Station LEGO Creator Expert Police Station

Escape into a delicious world of deceit, detection, and donuts with this LEGO® Police Station (10278) model. Enjoy hours of immersive building as you create the three-floor police station. See the brick-built staircase wind through detailed floors that can be removed to let you explore inside. Next door is a donut shop brimming with treats and, to the other side, a newspaper kiosk.

Criminally good details
This impressive set is packed with hidden features and clever design. With an evidence locker, jail cell, interrogation room, and case board, complete with red lines connecting the clues, the police have all they need to solve the mystery. There are also several novel pieces within the set to appeal to adult LEGO fans.

A building project for you
The LEGO Police Station is part of the imaginative Modular Buildings Collection. Whether you’re building alone or with family, this is a challenge to focus the mind and an eye-catching display piece to enjoy alongside other LEGO Modular Buildings.

  • Packed with clever design features and unexpected surprises, this LEGO® Police Station (10278) model building kit is the perfect set for adults looking for a mindful project.
  • Discover stylish features with crime-busting details, including a case board with authentic red lines connecting the clues, reel-to-reel recorder, jail cell, evidence locker, and more.
  • With 2,923 pieces and 5 minifigures, including a 1940s-era police officer, there are lots to discover. Printed tiles like the billboard, telephone, and typewriter bring detailed scenes to life.
  • Ideal for true-crime fans and LEGO® lovers alike, this building kit gives hours of enjoyment and a creative experience that will appeal to adults.
  • Adult LEGO® fans will love the novel pieces in this set, including 2 pieces in ultra-rare nougat color, 4 blank animal-head pieces used for the cornice detail, and an inverted 2-color arch.
  • Measures over 14.5 in. (37 cm) high (including antennae), 10 in. (25 cm) wide, and 10 in. (25 cm) deep.

LEGO Creator Expert Police Station LEGO Creator Expert Police Station LEGO Creator Expert Police Station LEGO Creator Expert Police Station

LEGO Creator Expert Police Station

2021 LEGO Creator Expert Modular Set To Be Revealed Soon

We’re just a few days shy before we enter the last month of the year, and as is customary for LEGO, we are now in for a treat this Black Friday as we are about to witness the reveal of the upcoming 2021 LEGO Creator Expert Modular set that fans have been waiting for.

The teaser announcement came via LEGO’s social media channel, alongside other things to expect this Black Friday such as the LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum (10276) and other LEGO sets that were popular this 2020.

Word on the brick street says that this might be a modular police station that somehow resembles a museum at the same time. It somehow follows a building design with a classic Venetian vibe. It is also said to have around 3,000 pieces, featuring three or four levels, and also a helipad. It includes five minifigures, three of which are police officers. I’m not at liberty to show any images because of obvious embargo reasons, but if you don’t mind the spoilers, here’s a link to that image courtesy of eagle-eyed fans over at Eurobricks. This image was supposedly taken from a third-party retailer who is all too eager to share the details of this new 2021 LEGO Creator Expert Modular Set.

The anticipated 2021 LEGO Creator Expert Modular set is said to be a police station. We’ll just have to wait and see if it is the case. 

If such is the case, then having a police station is a nice addition to your sprawling LEGO City/Modular creation. I also like the fact that the LEGO designers behind this set opted for a classic Venetian-like approach (Brickset guesses that it is Chris McVeigh who is behind this set) for this next modular offering. This sets it apart from other LEGO City Police buildings that show a modern architectural design befitting of the LEGO City theme.

This upcoming 2021 LEGO Creator Expert Modular Set is slated to be revealed as part of LEGO’s Black Friday Showcase which will stream on Facebook at 10 AM EST/3 PM GMT/4 PM CET. Be sure to keep tabs on LEGO’s social media pages, and here at our blog site for more updates.

LEGO Chariot (5006293) To Be Offered as a Promotional Item for the LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum

LEGO certainly has something in store for this year’s Black Friday event. And with the launch of the massive LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum (10276) on November 27, LEGO is gearing up a freebie for those who will get this set in the form of the exclusive LEGO Chariot (5006293).

The reveal came via the German online portal of LEGO Shop@Home which means that we can expect this set to appear in other regions anytime soon. The LEGO Chariot (5006293) comes in at 127 pieces and features a gladiator minifigure, the chariot itself, and two brick-built horses. Thanks to Lukas from the Stone Wars, we get to see a better image of this freebie. The box art for this set also follows the design of another earlier released promotional item in the form of Yoda’s Lightsaber (5006290) which was offered as a free item when you purchase the LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina (75290) earlier last month.

If you have plans of getting the Colesseum, then I guess this is a nice free item to receive as well. However, as Lukas pointed out, the elements that comprise this promotional is not entirely new. It should be noticed right away that the main selling point of the LEGO Chariot is its accompanying minifigure. But a closer look reveals that the minifigure’s printed torso is the same as that from the more recent version of LEGO Ninjago’s Cole, specifically from sets such as Zane’s Mino Creature (71719), Skull Sorcerer’s Dungeon (71722), and Fire Stone Mech (71720). There’s maybe a bit of redemption in the use of the silver helmet though since it seems that this particular silver piece was only offered in three sets in the past – under the earlier version of the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (5378) in 2007, and from two now discontinued LEGO Knights Kingdom sets from 2006 and 2009. And for 550 bucks for the cost of the LEGO Colosseum, I really hope that LEGO could have added more value to the LEGO Chariot as well. Perhaps an exclusive minifigure in the likes of the gladiator minifigs found in LEGO CMF Series 5 and Series 17 could really be a motivation for getting the LEGO Colosseum. Or perhaps throwing in actual LEGO figures for the horses instead of brick-built ones, and adding more characters to make a complete scene fitting for a royal duel inside the ancient arena. Well, these are possibilities that I wish LEGO looked into considering the cost of this next LEGO investment.

In any case, I agree that serious LEGO adult fans will get the LEGO Colesseum for the sake of this exquisite set and not just for any of its attached promotional offers. But then again, it will not harm anyone if we just think of these possibilities.

So what do you think of the new promotional LEGO Chariot (5006293)? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

WATCH: LEGO Creator Expert Colesseum (10276) Designer Video

Shortly after announcing its largest LEGO set to date, LEGO has published an accompanying designer video for the mammoth-sized LEGO Creator Expert Colesseum (10276). LEGO Senior Designer Rok Kobe shows the creative process and intricate details behind the largest LEGO set of all time. Watch this.

Coming in at 9,036 pieces, the LEGO Creator Expert Colesseum (10276) is now the largest LEGO set ever created even taking away the title from the LEGO Star Wars Millenium Falcon (75192) in terms of piece count. Retailing for $550, the set will be available worldwide starting November 27, 2020, in all LEGO brand stores and online at LEGO Shop@Home. Here’s the official press release from The LEGO Group in case you want to take a look.


The largest LEGO® brick set created to date will be available from LEGO Retail Stores and from 27th November

Billund, November 13th, 2020: This Black Friday, LEGO® fans can take home a piece of history and re-create Rome’s most iconic landmark, with the awe-inspiring new LEGO Colosseum set. Made up of 9,036 pieces, this is not only the largest LEGO brick set launched to date (taking the title from the LEGO® Star Wars™ Millennium Falcon) it’s also been expertly designed to mimic the incredible architecture of the original Roman amphitheater, making it a building project to savor and a set to marvel at.

LEGO Creator Expert Colesseum

Both LEGO fans and History buffs need to look no further than their living room to experience a taste of Italian history, as this LEGO brick model is a truly authentic LEGO brick recreation of the mighty Colosseum – featuring many true-to-life details to help builders accurately bring this famous building to life. This epic LEGO model features a recreation of the three distinct stories from the Colosseum, with each of these stories adorned with the columns of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders. These columns have been faithfully recreated in LEGO brick form using a variety of creative building techniques, including decorative volutes that have been created using a recolored LEGO roller skate element that has been turned upside down to create an authentic look.

Every detail of the set has been meticulously crafted to stay true to the real-life Colosseum – including having 80 ‘ribs’ in the spectator stands (the same number as the original) and having three different shades of brick to replicate the different columns and aging of the almost 2,000-year-old landmark. The build experience has even been expertly created to match the same process as the original, with the “wooden” LEGO arena being the last build to be placed on the LEGO model, as it has been in the 1990s. As well as being a challenging build, this model is truly a breath-taking focal point for any room. The LEGO Colosseum rests on an oval base, allowing this phenomenal 360-degree display piece to be shown off from any angle. Builders can then choose which side of this magnificent LEGO Brick recreation of one of Rome’s most visited landmarks they display – whether that’s the southern side of the building, which has been destroyed by various earthquakes and natural disasters over the years, or the more complete northern wall. Colosseum features arches, that have been recreated with LEGO brick detailing, allowing a view into the center of the Colosseum from the outside, just like its real-life counterpart.

The set was designed by Rok Zgalin Kobe who commented:

” One of the biggest challenges and one of the most important things was to convey the Colosseum’s monumentality in the LEGO form. I felt that the LEGO model should display a special architectural feature of the original – the rows of columns flanking the arches in different styles. To achieve that, the model is constructed using the effect of vertical exaggeration. The cross-section is therefore far steeper than on the real structure. Hopefully, people will be inspired to learn more about the original through the experience of building the LEGO model.”

The LEGO Colosseum measures over 10.5” (27cm) high, 20.5” (52cm) wide, and 23.5” (59cm) deep making this a spectacular centerpiece for any LEGO brick collection.

The set will launch on 27th November, on Black Friday, as part of the LEGO Stores and Black Friday offerings. LEGO VIP members who purchase the exclusive model during the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend will receive a limited-edition gift with purchase, a Roman Chariot, which can be displayed alongside the Colosseum. Shoppers can sign up for the VIP Program free either in-store or online. Included in the Black Friday promotions are a range of other deals including an exclusive Charles Dickens tribute gift with purchases over £150, a Holiday Tree gift with purchases over £40, discounts on selected items, a chance to win 1,000,000 VIP points, and exclusive VIP rewards launching throughout the weekend!

LEGO Colosseum will be available directly via and LEGO Stores from 27th November.

LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum (10276) is THE Largest LEGO Set Ever Released

It seems that the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75192) will have to give way to this one. The title for the largest LEGO set ever released as of to date has now been passed on to the recently revealed LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum (10276). Coming in at a whopping 9,000+ pieces, this latest LEGO offering recreates a piece of history as it features the fine details of the famous Roman landmark.

LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum

This massive set is also designed to follow the unique architecture and features of the famous Roman Colosseum: from its spectator stands down to its various shades of brick to replicate the different aging columns of the 2,000-year-old landmark. Read on below for the official product description of the LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum (10276) which is expected to retail for $550 starting November 27, 2020. You may also find LEGO’s official press release right here.

LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum (10276)

9,036 pieces | $549.99 | To be released on November 27, 2020

LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum

Nowhere on Earth compares to the majesty of the Colosseum of Rome. So, get ready to escape your everyday life as you take on the biggest ever LEGO® build (as of November 2020) yet. This epic 9,036-piece Colosseum model depicts each part of the famous structure in great detail. Authentic detailing shows the northern part of the outer wall’s facade and its iconic arches. The model features 3 stories, adorned with columns of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders while the attic is decorated with Corinthian pilasters.

An awe-inspiring display piece
The LEGO Colosseum (10276) rests on an oval display base so the model can be seen from every aspect. It’s one of the biggest LEGO models ever but can easily be picked up, allowing you to look through the arches from all angles.

LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum

LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum


A building project to savor
The Colosseum is part of a collection of LEGO models for adults who love beautiful architecture and thoughtful design. It also makes a great gift for architecture enthusiasts and LEGO lovers.

LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum

LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum

  • Bring to life your own brick-built model of the mighty Colosseum with this engaging and rewarding LEGO® Colosseum (10276) model kit for adults.
  • With an astounding 9,036 pieces, this Colosseum model is the biggest LEGO® set ever (as of November 2020), providing hours of relaxation for adults who love building sets.
  • Anyone with a passion for architecture models will appreciate the amazing detail packed into this Colosseum souvenir. With 3 stories, the model is adorned with columns of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders.
  • If you’re looking for special gifts for architecture fans or history lovers, this building set is a great choice, providing hours of hands-on building experiences with a stunning Colosseum model to display.
  • This Colosseum architecture model measures over 10.5” (27cm) high, 20.5” (52cm) wide, and 23.5” (59cm) deep. With 9,036 pieces it’s one of the biggest LEGO® sets in the world but is easy to lift and turn.

LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum

LEGO Creator Expert Ghostbusters ECTO-1 (10274) Coming This November

After several months of speculation on a possible LEGO tie-in for the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife film, LEGO has now broken its silence and has finally revealed the LEGO Creator Expert Ghostbusters ECTO-1 (10274).

LEGO Creator Expert Ghostbusters ECTO-1

Coming in at 2,352 pieces, this largest and most detailed brick replica of the iconic 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance recreates this classic vehicle straight from its ghostbusting days in the 80s. For the first time ever, LEGO has opted to recreate this pop-culture symbol in all its glory, and in an aptly scaled set that surely deserves a premium spot in any LEGO collection. This is a long time coming, considering that the very first LEGO set that accurately portrayed this legendary vehicle was released 6 years ago in the likes of the LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters ECTO-1 (21108). I did not count the LEGO Ghostbusters ECTO-1 & 2 (75828) as a proper predecessor considering how it heavily modified the original ECTO-1 – plus considering the fact that its tie-in film back in 2016 did not pan out well with fans.

LEGO Creator Expert Ghostbusters ECTO-1 LEGO Creator Expert Ghostbusters ECTO-1

The current LEGO Creator Expert Ghostbusters ECTO-1 (10274) is expected to retail for $199.99 once it is made available to the public on November 15, ahead of the Ghostbusters: Afterlife cinematic release in June 2021.

Read on for the complete product description of this set. You may also click on the following affiliate link below if you want to add this to your LEGO wishlist.

LEGO Creator Expert Ghostbusters ECTO-1 (10274)

2,352 pieces | $199.99 | Available starting November 15, 2020

If you’re a Ghostbusters™ fan, we’ve got just the thing for you – the LEGO® Ghostbusters ECTO-1! Bust the stress out of everyday life and indulge in some quality me time as you build a LEGO version of the converted 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance from the Ghostbusters movies.

Spookily good details
Based on the Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie version, this ECTO-1 model features working steering, a trapdoor, ghost trap, an extending rear gunner seat, proton pack and cool details from the original car such as the iconic Ghostbusters logo.

A building project for you
You don’t need a collection of LEGO sets to enjoy this buildable model car kit. You just need some table space and maybe some Ghostbusters tunes playing in the background. This LEGO car set is part of a collection of inspiring LEGO building kits for adults who love great design. It also makes a great Ghostbusters gift for yourself or the model car builder in your life who’s looking for their next project.

  • This is the ultimate ECTO-1 building kit for fans of LEGO® bricks and Ghostbusters™ looking to build their next model car or simply relax with an immersive hands-on hobby project.
  • This is no Ghostbusters™ toy. It’s a car kit for adults with working steering, trapdoor with ghost trap, an extending gunner seat, plus a moving ghost sniffer and other paranormal detection equipment.
  • Are you all about the details? With pieces like a curved windshield, modular steering wheel and brick with Ghostbusters™ deco, this authentically detailed set will look great in your home or office.
  • Ideal for Ghostbusters™ fans and LEGO® lovers alike, this ECTO-1 model car gives hours of enjoyment and a building experience that will appeal to adults. It makes a great gift for anyone who’d love a model car to build.
  • Measuring over 8” (22.5cm) high, 18” (47cm) long and 6” (16.5cm) wide, ECTO-1 is packed with authentic details that you’ll be proud to display.

WATCH: The LEGO Haunted House (10273) Designer Video

LEGO has released a designer video for the LEGO Haunted House (10273) that gives us a tour on the inner workings of this fairground themed, brick-built funhouse. Watch the video below.

LEGO designers Carl Merriam, Mike Psiaki, Austin Carlson, and Niek van Slagmaat lead us to the many beautiful details of this 3,000+ set and some of the pretty neat throwbacks that older LEGO fans will enjoy.

As mentioned in their press release, the LEGO Haunted House (10273) is the first set LEGO set that officially drops the Creator Expert branding in favor of the 18+ reclassification. LEGO believes that this will make similar advanced sets more readily identifiable as something belonging to the adult fan base of LEGO.

And the LEGO Haunted House places all the check marks on an AFOL’s LEGO nostalgic sweet spots. The fairground themed park ride is loaded of references to older LEGO sets such as the Adventurers theme from 1998, the Alpha Team from early 2000, and of course from the classic Castle theme. For those unfamiliar with these LEGO themes, you may head over to Brickset for more info.


To bring all these references into one fun-filled set is short of amazing. I particularly like the idea of how the designers placed an easter egg for Bat Lord from the Fright Knights subtheme. The specially printed, subtle 2×3 flat tile is a pretty neat reference to the LEGO Castle Bat Lord (6007) set, with its set number printed on the said tile in Roman numerals.

LEGO Haunted House (10273)

Apart from these pretty near references, the LEGO Haunted House is also loaded with play features as any funhouse should be. Its main play feature is its functional drop-down elevator. It’s a pretty challenging task that the LEGO designers managed to pull-off. To make it more realistic, the elevator ride must accelerate while going down, and to eventually slow its drop as it reaches the bottom. The elevator function can either be operated manually or outfitted with an optional LEGO Power-App motor.

LEGO Haunted House (10273)

And of course, the LEGO Haunted House will not be that spooky without that illuminated portrait of Samuel Von Barron using a light brick. This and other fun details are revealed once you open the set and explore every room of the funhouse.

LEGO Haunted House (10273)

The LEGO Haunted House (10273) comes in at 3,231 pieces and is expected to retail for $249.99. It is slated for an early release for LEGO VIP members on May 20, and to the rest of the world on June 1, 2020. Head over to LEGO Shop@Home for more details, and while you’re at it you may want to include this set to your LEGO wishlist as well.

LEGO Haunted House (10273) LEGO Haunted House (10273)

So what do you think of this latest LEGO 18+ set? Are you OK with the LEGO Creator Expert re-branding? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

More Info on the LEGO Haunted House (10273)

After the official announcement on LEGO’s next 18+ branded set, we now have more info on the LEGO Haunted  House (10273) set and what it means to the future of the LEGO Creator Expert theme.

LEGO Haunted House

If you noticed starting this year, LEGO has introduced a new “18+” subtheme on its sets targeted specifically for older LEGO fans. From the recently released LEGO Star Wars helmet collection and this year’s UCS set to the LEGO Architecture The White House (21054), all of these sets feature an adult-focused packaging that makes it clear that these line of building sets are for advanced LEGO hobbyists and collectors.

Though the LEGO Star Wars and Architecture themes are still retaining their titles, LEGO Senior Marketing Manager Anders Hellegaard has announced that it will drop the Creator Expert theme entirely in favor of the 18+ re-classification. However, it was also mentioned that the LEGO Haunted House is still part of LEGO’s larger Fairground Collection series which include previously released Creator Expert sets such as the LEGO Roller Coaster (10261) and Carousel (10257) among others, so there is still some unifying element to these sets in the future.

I guess this decision is mainly for aesthetic purposes such as the redesigning of the previous Creator Expert box art moving forward. We can still expect awesome advanced sets later on targeted to an older LEGO fan base who grew up iconic LEGO characters such as Samuel Von Barron, Johhny Thunder, and Bat Lord to name a few.

Here’s LEGO’s official press release for the LEGO Haunted House (10273) for more details. The set comes in at 3,231 pieces and will retail for $249.99 when it is released to LEGO VIP members on May 20 and other LEGO fans on June 1, 2020.


The LEGO Group has announced the LEGO Haunted House, a hair-raising new fairground build for adult thrill-seekers – available from 20th May from and LEGO Stores

LEGO Haunted House

May 13, 2020– Gear up for a spooky ride and bring to life the ultimate ghostly fairground experience, with the brand-new LEGO® Haunted House set. This latest addition to the LEGO Fairground collection is jam-packed with exciting features to surprise and entertain even the bravest of thrill-seekers.

Modeled on Manor Von Barron, the spooky home of one of the world’s greatest villains – Samuel Von Barron, the new LEGO® Haunted House model is full to the brim with spine-tingling details. Its clever design features a fully functional free-fall ride with automatic doors at the top of the tower, giving brave riders a glimpse of the thrilling plummet to come, as well as intricate ghoulish details such as haunted doors and a cursed painting to warn off any trespassers.

To enhance the spooky experience even further and unlock special features, such as a moving elevator, fans can also add LEGO Powered Up components (available separately) and control and amplify the set as they build via LEGO’s Powered Up app.

The 3,231-piece LEGO® Haunted House model not only makes an impressive and creepy display piece, standing at over 26.5” (68cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep but also gives fans the chance to get hands-on and immerse themselves in the ghostly world. LEGO builders can open the model’s exterior and enter the ultimate haunted house to discover the features hidden inside – revealing Von Barron’s extensive collection of stolen artifacts which nod to LEGO brick sets of the past, including the Organ of Catarino and the Orb of OGEL.

This brand-new set has been designed specifically with adults in mind – providing an immersive, creative experience for them to re-focus, re-charge and get creative, whether they’re enjoying alone or as a challenging build with friends or younger builders.

The new LEGO® Haunted House™ construction set is the latest example of how the LEGO Group aims to inspire builders of all ages to build, rebuild, and get excited by the process of creation. It’s also the first set from the LEGO Fairground Collection to feature the new stylish packaging designed to make it easier than ever for adult fans to find their new build challenge based on their individual passions.

Addressing the new packaging, Senior Marketing Manager Anders Hellegaard Iversen said: “So many of our older builders love the Creator Expert products, as they allow them to show off their passion for the bricks. Whether it’s their favorite film moments, sports icons, travel destinations, buildings, fairgrounds, or vehicles, LEGO sets help to bring these to life in brick form. That’s also why we have decided to stop using the Creator Expert branding and, instead, use the new adult-focused packaging design to make it clearer which hobbies or brand products they can relate to. We hope this will make it easier for fans to track down models they would be proud to display once completed. Of course, our product range will continue to include the same advanced-build, collectible products that guarantee hours of building enjoyment for fans.”

The brand-new LEGO Haunted House is available to VIP members from 20th May and for remaining LEGO fans from 1st June, direct from and LEGO Stores.

LEGO Creator Expert Haunted House (10273) Officially Revealed

This year’s first LEGO Creator Expert set has now been revealed. The LEGO Creator Expert Haunted House (10273) is the first LEGO set to bear the 18+ label under the said theme, and is slated to be released on June 1.

Coming in at 3,231 pieces, this set is expected to retail for $249.99 and adds spooky fun to your Fairground-themed builds such as the Roller Coaster (10261), Carousel (10257) and Ferris Wheel (10247) to name a few. Truth be told, box images of the LEGO Creator Expert Haunted House have been making rounds over social media for the past few days but it’s still better to wait for these crystal clear images.

Check out the official images below together with its product description.

LEGO Creator Expert Haunted House (10273)

3,231 pieces | $249.99 | Coming Soon on June 1, 2020

LEGO Creator Expert Haunted House

LEGO Creator Expert Haunted House LEGO Creator Expert Haunted House LEGO Creator Expert Haunted House LEGO Creator Expert Haunted House

If you love ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night, we’ve got a treat for you – the LEGO® Haunted House (10273). Take time out of everyday life and explore something extraordinary as you discover the thrills and surprises packed into this stunning building project.

Spookily good details bring the story to life
Take your time building this impressive haunted house model, before exploring all the intricate details hidden within. The house opens up, making it easy to explore inside where you’ll discover a working free-fall ride plus automatic doors at the top of the tower. See the haunted front doors close for a spooky effect. Add the LEGO Powered Up components (available separately) to control the elevator via the Powered Up app.

A building project that’s full of thrills
This Haunted House is part of a collection of LEGO building kits for adults who appreciate clever design. This model also makes a scarily good gift, birthday present or Christmas gift.

  • This creepy LEGO® Haunted House (10273) model provides hours of enjoyment for anyone looking to unwind with a new project. Build the spooky horror house then explore its impressive features and delightful details.
  • Why should kids get all the fun when it comes to scary toys? This building kit is designed for adults but it includes lots of playful features, such as a free-fall ride, haunted doors and a cursed painting.
  • If you appreciate beautiful details, you’ll love displaying your haunted house model. Upgrade the Haunted House with the LEGO® Powered Up components (available separately) to control the elevator via the app.
  • Ideal for ghost hunters, thrill seekers and adult LEGO® fans alike, this Haunted House set makes a great birthday gift for your ghost-loving mum, dad, husband, wife, partner or friend and also makes a fun Halloween gift.
  • This dark and spooky haunted manor measures over 26.5” (68cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep, making it a challenging construction kit for adults and a great brick-built model to display.
  • A battery is included with the light brick in this set, so you can enjoy the illumination right away.