What We Know So Far About the LEGO Ninjago Season 15 Sets

LEGO Ninjago Season 15

As you may already know, this year marks the 10th anniversary of LEGO Ninjago since its debut back in 2011. Since then, the TV series has quite a following producing several seasons, an animated film, and a lot of cool LEGO sets to boast. And while we are still waiting for the LEGO Ninjago The Island sets to be released next month, it seems that LEGO has already laid out plans for its LEGO Ninjago Season 15 sets.

If you’re not too much into spoilers, then I suggest that you might need to hit that back button to keep yourself untainted about these numerous leaks that are spreading over the internet. But let me be clear that I am not posting any leaked images here in respect to LEGO’s embargo on these upcoming sets. However, if you insist, then read on and do a quick search over at Instagram and follow the trail of bricks right there.

If I remember it correctly, it was our friends from Promobricks who first broke the news regarding these LEGO Ninjago 2021 sets back in November. It was also somewhat expected considering that these sets are part of LEGO’s offering for the first half of the year. Though official images are already available back then coming primarily from a third-party retailer, there is an interesting piece of info that was included in the report. As it seems, LEGO not only has LEGO Ninjago The Island sets all ready set up but also including the tie-in sets that are supposed to be released in the 2nd half of 2021.

Particularly, this collection of LEGO Ninjago Season 15 sets will continue the adventure of the team from the uncharted island to the depths of the perilous seas. And this time around, the focus is now shifted to Nya and the mystery behind her elemental powers. Here’s how one particular TV station summarizes Season 15:

When Nya’s powers are disrupted, the ninja set off in search of answers and find themselves at the bottom of endless oceans where they discover that her powers are linked to an ancient mythical creature.

Though there is no working title revealed for this next season, it is clear from the get-go that their next adventure will be a sort of underwater expedition to discover this mythical sea creature. And as expected, the LEGO Ninjago tie-in sets for this season will reflect an underwater adventure theme. As listed by Promobricks, these sets will include:

  • Llyod’s Hydro Mech (71750)
  • Ninja Sub Speeder (71752)
  • Water Dragon (71754)
  • Temple of Endless Sea (71755)
  • Hydro Bounty (71756)
lego ninjago season 15 set
An Instagram post from one of LEGO’s social media channels reveals the LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Hydro Mech (71750) as it hitches a ride on a backpack. 

Recently, water-marked preliminary images of these sets have started to appear on social media. In fact, Lloyd’s Hydro Mech was actually teased in one of LEGO’s Instagram account, presumably from Chile.  One of the set’s prominent features includes an over-sized shoulder guard which is an inverted roof piece first seen in the LEGO Ninjago Movie Piranha Attack (70629).

The Ninja Sub Speeder is basically a race-car build fitted with turbines for its mags. It comes in a blue, orange, and black color scheme with three minifigures.

The Water Dragon for me is the most impressive by far. It features an underwater, Asian-inspired dragon that is somewhat reminiscent of the now discontinued LEGO Elves theme. It is impressively articulated and I assume that this set might be referencing the mysterious mythical creature that Nya needs to find.

The Temple of the Endless Sea features an underwater shrine of some sort and is guarded by a large and imposing sea creature. The way it is designed is similar to semi-circular temples or shrines from previous Ninjago seasons.

Finally, it seems that Destiny’s Bounty will also have an underwater counterpart in the form of the Hydro Bounty, less its sails of course. The latter has a slimmer and lower profile making it suitable for quick movements under water.

That’s how far I can go in describing these LEGO Ninjago Season 15 sets, and we can expect these to be released sometime in June, or within the third quarter of the year just in time for Season 15’s debut. In the meantime be sure to check with LEGO Shop@Home for the latest LEGO Ninjago offerings that you can expect next month.

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