LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet Product Idea Hits 10K Fan Support

LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet

And the list just keeps on growing. It was only yesterday when I shared how the LEGO Ideas Review Team might be seeing their largest number of qualifying sets to enter a particular LEGO Ideas Review Stage as of date. We’re not even past the halfway mark of the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage, and yet, we are already seeing a total of 27 product ideas that managed to gather 10,000 fan support starting January of this year. And this time around, another set is added to the roster of 10K achievers in the form of the LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet product idea.

lego ideas jazz quartet 4

From the creative mind of LEGO fan builder  Hsinwei Chi, this prolific builder managed to wow fans once more with his latest qualifying entry. This is not the first time that Hsinwei Chi’s creations were noticed by the LEGO Ideas Review Team. If you recall, one of his builds won as 2nd Runner Up for the LEGO Ideas Greatest Star Wars Battles Built By You. In addition to this achievement, the LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet was also named as 2nd Runner Up for the more recent LEGO Ideas Music To Our Ears fan vote contest. And as if winning on these contests is not enough for this ultra-talented LEGO builder from Taiwan, his other creation (the Tribute to Youth – Skateboarding) has been chosen as one of the ten finalists in the LEGO Ideas We Love Sports! fan vote contest.

What makes Hsinwei Chi’s (also known as lego7 over at Instagram) creations stand out is their natural, almost organic feel that these builds have. It almost feels like we’re seeing a LEGO Miniland set, but upgraded up to a notch. The way they are posed and articulated, while still maintaining a distinct LEGO brick look and feel, stands out among the rest of the entries. Just take a look at his Instagram account where he usually posts his brick creations and you’ll get a better picture of what I mean.

And speaking about his latest achievement here’s what he has to say about his LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet

lego ideas jazz quartet 2
lego ideas jazz quartet 3
Speaking of music therapy, free-spirited jazz can be medicine for your mind, with benefits from memory improvement to stress relief.
Jazz Quartet consists of a grand piano, trumpet, double bass, and jazz drum. I would like to use LEGO bricks to express the musical vitality of the jazz band. When you look at this creation, the most familiar jazz improvisation will ring in your head.
The whole set consists of four musicians and a stage. Put it on the bookshelf and let us feel the warmth of jazz music.


The LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet product idea joins the rest of 27 10K qualifiers to make it to the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage which will commence sometime in April.

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