LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Cowl (76182) Revealed

Batman Cowl

After unveiling its LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199) brick helmet a couple of weeks ago, a third-party retailer now gives us a look at another LEGO buildable display set following the same genre. Similar to Target’s reveal, Barnes and Noble has now published official images of the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Cowl (76182), scheduled to arrive on April 26.

Batman Cowl

If you were following the rumor train on this one, you have probably seen what this new LEGO DC Super Heroes Batman Cowl has to offer. Coming in at 410 pieces, the model stands at 22 centimeters and is geared primarily towards the adult LEGO fan community. It follows the same design concept as that of the LEGO Marvel Carnage, even coming with a similar nameplate intended for display purposes. And given that the brick-version of Marvel’s Carnage is expected to retail for $60, then it goes to show that its DC counterpart may likewise sell within the same price range as well.

Batman Cowl

76182 4

As of this posting, B&N seems to have removed the LEGO Batman Cowl over its shopping portal (oops, I guess someone was quite excited for the reveal) and is still yet to appear over at LEGO Shop@Home. I’ll update you as soon as more information comes up. Thanks to Hoth Bricks for the tip.

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