LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199) Now Up at LEGO Shop@Home

LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199)

Last week, it was revealed that a villainous Marvel character will be added to the LEGO Helmet Collection in the form of the LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199). Initially offered as a Target pre-order exclusive, it is good to know that the set has finally appeared over at LEGO Shop@Home slated for an April 11, 2021 release.

LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199)

The LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199), which is basically more of a bust rather than a helmet, takes its cue from its notoriously evil villain counterpart from Marvel comics (which makes me also wonder if having such a vicious baddie in its roster of Marvel sets will run counter against LEGO’s values). This is not the first time that LEGO featured this ultra-violent character, though. There are two particular LEGO Marvel sets where this blood-colored symbiote is featured: 2015’s Carnage’s SHIELD Sky Attack (76036) and the more recent Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage (76173). And now having the LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199) helmet/bust under the LEGO 18+ series further seals Carnage’s place in the LEGO subthemes.

And in case you’re interested to add this set to your Instagram-worthy LEGO collection, then you may click the following affiliate link below to add this set to your LEGO wishlist. The LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199) set comes in at 546 pieces and will retail for $60 once it arrives in stores on April 11.

LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199)

546 pieces | $59.99 | Available starting April 11, 2021

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LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man Carnage (76199) takes your construction skills into the Marvel Universe as you recreate the nightmarish features of the alien supervillain.

Authentic details to build and display
From the low, red brow to the protruding jaw packed with bayonet-like teeth, this LEGO brick replica of Carnage provides Marvel movie fans and model-making enthusiasts with a building experience that is challenging yet highly rewarding. With a stylish name plaque attached to the sturdy base, this remarkable model will look even more impressive displayed alongside other LEGO comic-book creations.

LEGO brick model-making kits
Escape the busy world and rediscover the joy of creative construction with adult LEGO building sets. Satisfying to build and stunning to display, adult LEGO kits make great birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and personal treats for anyone interested in model making or comic-book culture.

  • Construct your own LEGO® brick replica of the merciless supervillain Carnage, with LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Carnage (76199).
  • This 546-brick project captures all the monstrous alien’s authentic details – from its low, red brow to its bayonet-like teeth – and stands on a sturdy base with a stylish name plaque attached.
  • The satisfaction of a job well done will last long after the hands-on construction of this collectible piece of Marvel memorabilia is completed.
  • This build-and-display iconic supervillain is the perfect project for adult Marvel movie fans and model-making enthusiasts.
  • The finished model measures over 7 in. (19 cm) high, 3 in. (9 cm) wide, and 5 in. (15 cm) deep and provides a fascinating conversation starter, whether displayed in your home or workplace.

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