New LEGO Marvel Carnage Helmet (76199) Revealed

LEGO Marvel Carnage Helmet

It looks like there is a new addition to the LEGO Helmet Collection hailing from the Marvel universe. Reddit user pbpdesigns have shared some details on what seems to be a Target-exclusive. And from the looks of it, we can expect a new, crazy cool LEGO Marvel Carnage Helmet (76199) set any time soon.

This info came in when pbpdesigns shared a notification from the Target app revealing this LEGO Marvel Carnage Helmet (76199) pre-order offer as you can see below. As of this posting, the Target alert indicates that the set will go live for pre-order on March 11, 8 AM CST, and the link for its product page is not yet published live.

Carnage helmet coming to Target. Just got an alert. from lego

The LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199) is based on one of Marvel’s most formidable symbiote villains who is also slated to appear in future Sony films. Similar to sets under the LEGO Helmet Collections, this set follows the same design concept appealing mainly to adult LEGO fans. And though this new subtheme seems to offer more Star Wars characters, it looks like LEGO intends to accommodate more licensed characters outside of this theme. On a side note, there are also rumors (and leaked images) circulating online on what looks like a similar Batman brick-built bust. I guess only time can tell if this will also officially surface or is just another kind of deliberate misdirection.

I also understand the hype over this new LEGO Marvel Carnage helmet considering how on-point its design is. The black and red color scheme beautifully stands out, and I love how the details of Carnage’s eyes and glorious teeth define this iconic villain. I just can’t figure out if this set also comes with printed pieces for those symbiote-laden eyebrows and forehead, but I guess that it might be stickers.

Though it is labeled as a Target-exclusive, I am still expecting that this set will eventually appear over at LEGO Shop@Home. I’ll keep you posted. So what do you think of this new LEGO Marvel Carnage Helmet bust? Will you pre-order this over at Target? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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