LEGO Rolls Out Two New LEGO DC Super Heroes Batmobile Sets

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A Vietnamese toy retailer has revealed two new LEGO DC Super Heroes Batmobile sets that take their cue from the Batman classic TV series. MyKingdom has published their set images and names, with the option of purchasing them directly from their online shopping portal.

The LEGO DC Super Heroes Batman vs The Joker Batmobile chase (76180) is a 4+ set that features a classic, scaled-down version of the Batmobile designed with younger LEGO fans in mind. Its design is somewhat similar to its larger 18+ cousin, the LEGO 1989 Batmobile (76139). It includes minifigures of Batman and the Joker, and what looks to be a new rendition of the Batgirl.

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The LEGO DC Super Heroes Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile (76188) is more like a re-release of the portion of 2016’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) LEGO Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave (76052). This re-issued version of the Batmobile even has an information plate giving it a certain premium feel in such modest size. It also comes with minifigs of the 1966 classic TV versions of Batman and Joker. If you missed out on the LEGO Batcave from five years ago, and wish to add this classic version of the LEGO Batmobile, and then here’s your second chance to get it without diving deep into your pockets.

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There is no further information as of this posting regarding the piece count and US retail price of these new LEGO Batmobile sets. I’ll give you updates soon as they make their appearance over at LEGO Shop@Home.

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