The April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar Encourages Builders To Go Beyond

April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar

The April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar is now out, inspiring LEGO fans to capture the wonders of the galaxy with its commemorative LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) set. As I’ve reported before, this latest LEGO and NASA collaboration is expected to arrive in LEGO brand stores and at LEGO Shop@Home this April. Check out the details below.

Other than the arrival of the LEGO NASA SSD set, LEGO is throwing in its usual set of freebies for April. We’re probably aware of them already since they’ve been around this month. But in case you still don’t have them, these seasonal freebies are still around until next week.

LEGO Easter Bunny’s Carrot House (40449)

232 pieces | Valued at $12.99 

This promotional set is available until April 5, 2021, and will be added automatically to your cart once your single-receipt LEGO purchase reaches $60 and more.

April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar


LEGO Easter Egg Chick (30579)

52 pieces | Valued at $4.99

The polybag freebie is yours for every single-receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $40 and above. This offer is valid until April 5, 2021.

April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar


Other than these promotional items, LEGO will also be offering another freebie in the form of the LEGO DOTS Miniframe (30556). This 85-piece polybag set measures 20 x 19.5 x 1 cm and is a great desktop accessory to capture those picture-perfect moments. This offer is available from April 26 to May 9 and will be added to your shopping cart automatically once your LEGO purchase reaches $35 and above.

LEGO DOTS Miniframe (30556)

85 pieces | Available from April 26 to May 9, 2021


In-store activities are still obviously missing from our April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar, but there are still a lot of sets to be excited for next month. Other than the LEGO Space Shuttle Discovery (10283), we also have the arrival of the LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199) helmet set and the LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh (21326) to look forward to.

Happy building everyone and stay safe!

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