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2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets

There’s a new tune in brick town and this time in the form of eight new 2021 LEGO Vidiyo sets. This repertoire of music-inspired LEGO sets further expands the LEGO Vidiyo world with two BeatBoxes, twelve Bandmates, and five unique Stage Models.

Launched in the early part of this year, LEGO is clearly intentional in its desire of fusing music, top-notch AR, and brick-building fun in this next series of LEGO Vidiyo sets and Bandmates. And being true to its genre, LEGO has now offered a fitting concert stage set for the Bandmates to jam together. The inclusion of new minifigure characters also expands the collection of Vidiyo characters to now include almost 50 minifigs. And with these new 2021 LEGO Vidiyo offering full regular sized sets, the building possibilities that come from are pretty exciting.

You may find more details via the LEGO Group’s press release, while you can add these new 2021 LEGO Vidiyo sets to your LEGO wishlists by clicking on the following affiliate links below. These sets are scheduled to be released in August, so be sure to keep an eye on them.

Metal Dragon BeatBox (43109)

86 pieces | $19.99

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets

Folk Fairy BeatBox (43110)

89 pieces | $19.99

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets

Candy Castle Stage (43111)

344 pieces | $29.99 | Minifigures include Candy Ballerina and Blue Beary Guitarist

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets 43111 alt4 43111 alt7 43111 alt8 43111 alt2

Robo HipHop Car (43112)

387 pieces | $29.99 | Minifigures include Sing Boy and Bass Boy

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets 43112 alt3 43112 alt7 43112 alt8 43112 alt4


K-Pawp Concert (43113)

514 pieces | $49.99 | Minifigures include Bunny Guitarist, Flying Unicorn Singer, and Kitten Keytarist 

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets 43113 alt4 43113 alt7 43113 alt2


Punk Pirate Ship (43114)

615 pieces | $59.99 | Minifigures include Squid Drummer, Shark Guitarist, and Mermaid Violinist 

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets 43114 alt4 43114 alt5 43114 alt8 43114 alt2


The Boombox (43115)

996 pieces | $99.99 | Minifigures include Alien Singer, Leopard Guitarist, Vampire Guitarist, and Fairy Singer

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets

2021 LEGO Vidiyo Sets 43115 alt3 43115 alt7 43115 alt8 43115 alt2


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