LEGO Vidiyo Sets Officially Revealed – Slated to be Released in March

LEGO Vidiyo

After spotting them in the wild a couple of days, LEGO has finally made it official and has now unveiled its first wave of LEGO Vidiyo sets. As per the LEGO Group’s press release, this announcement just came in time together with the upcoming debut of the very first official live-action version of the LEGO Vidiyo DJ Llama minifigure, aka L.L.A.M.A. (ok… that’s pretty creative).

This first series of LEGO Vidiyo sets puts the spotlight on the theme’s minifigure characters in the form of BeatBoxes and their pretty neat cases and variety of BeatBits accessories. As mentioned before, these special 2×2 scannable printed tiles overs a wide variety of audio-visual enhancements when used in conjunction with the LEGO Vidiyo app. Much the same way as how the previous Nexo Knights shield pieces work.

But I guess the highlight of this series for me is the LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates Series 1 (43101). I simply love how LEGO designed this bunch as they can easily pass as a new collectible minifigure (CMF) series. But since they are not arriving in the usual blind polybags but instead in mystery carton boxes, I really don’t know how you can get the character that you want just by holding their packaging. However, I’m looking forward to what LEGO has in store when they offer a complete set of these characters. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Additionally, each Bandmate comes with 3 BeatBits tiles, and if you’re looking to gather all these nicely printed tiles, then be aware that there are a total of 92 pieces to collect.

This first LEGO Vidiyo offering is expected to arrive in LEGO brand stores and online starting March 1. For more info on these upcoming sets, you may click on the following LEGO Shop@Home affiliate links below. Which one is your favorite LEGO Vidiyo character? Let us know in the comments below.

Candy Mermaid BeatBox (43102)

82 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Vidiyo 43102 alt1

Punk Pirate BeatBox (43103)

73 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Vidiyo 43103 alt1

Alien DJ BeatBox (43104)

73 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Vidiyo 43104 alt1

Party Llama BeatBox (43105)

82 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Vidiyo 43105 alt1

Unicorn DJ BeatBox (43106)

84 pieces | $19.99 

LEGO Vidiyo 43106 alt1


Hiphop Robot BeatBox (43107)

73 pieces | $19.99

LEGO Vidiyo 43107 alt1

Bandmates Series 1 Mystery Box (43101)

$4.99 | Each mystery box contains a random LEGO Vidiyo minifigure

43101 0

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