LEGO City Stuntz Subtheme Revealed, Arriving in October

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We now have confirmation that the next LEGO City subtheme will be a high-flying rush of a series. Thanks to a now-removed online Japanese LEGO catalog, LEGO has shown us what great lengths minifigures will go through to get that adrenalin fix. The LEGO City Stuntz subtheme is expected to arrive in October, with 10 new sets showcasing their daredevil skills.

From the get-go, the LEGO City Stuntz includes a collection of sets that features what we typically see in a stunt show. It also includes a generous amount of motorbikes and vehicles that incorporate a pull-back action mechanism and unique LEGO Stuntz flywheels. Take a closer look at what each set has to offer by checking out the images below.

The LEGO City Stuntz is expected to make an official appearance via LEGO Shop@Home, perhaps sometime in July or August. I’ll update this post once more information comes in. In the meantime, be sure to check the LEGO City Wildlife Rescue subtheme that is also slated to arrive this summer.

Stunt Park (60293)

No. of pieces: ??? | $39.99 



Stunt Show Truck (60294)

418 pieces | $79.99



Stunt Show Arena (60295)

668 pieces | $99.99



Wheelie Stunt Bike(60296)

14 pieces | $7.99



Demolition Stunt Bike (60297)

12 pieces | $7.99



Rocket Stunt Bike (60298)

14 pieces | $7.99



Stunt Competition (60299)

73 pieces | $29.99



Selfie Stunt Bike (60309)

14 pieces | $7.99



Chicken Stunt Bike (60310)

10 pieces | $7.99



Fire Stunt Bike (60311)

11 pieces | $7.99



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