MOC Mondays: This Custom LEGO Mecha Godzilla May Require Two Titans to Bring It Down

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It’s the start of the week and what a nice way to ruminate on that next LEGO MOC by being inspired to go big. By big, I mean in huge titanic proportions such as what our next featured LEGO fan builder has in mind. Are you planning to go large with your next LEGO building project? Then you may want to check out this custom LEGO Mecha Godzilla.

LEGO Mecha Godzilla

Shared online by Reddit user YesStonks, his brick-rendition of the infamous Mecha Godzilla from the recent Monsterverse films is imposing enough to even stop the true King of the Monsters off his tracks. Even the design and construction of this custom LEGO Mecha Godzilla is not for the faint of heart – with more than 4,400 bricks needed to create this cool mecha monstrosity, the final build stands at 16.1 inches, and 27.8 inches if the tail is included. It also cost LEGO fan builder YesStonks a total of $533 to gather the required pieces over at Bricklink.

From its bulky design to the elaborate details of its back and tail, YesStonks successfully managed to render this robotic adversary to one fine LEGO creation. And to push the bar higher (if you don’t mind the huge spoiler up ahead in case you haven’t seen the film until now, I suggest you stop scrolling now), this custom LEGO Mecha Godzilla looks way cooler as it faces off against the combined tag-team efforts of Godzilla and Kong. This rogue mecha does not have a chance.

LEGO Mecha Godzilla

As of today, YesStonks is still waiting for the approval of the LEGO Ideas Team if the platform will eventually consider his custom LEGO Mecha Godzilla as a valid LEGO product idea entry. If ever his original build is considered, then it’s not hard to imagine 10,000 LEGO fans rallying behind this original creation.

If you wish to know more about the LEGO Ideas platform, then be sure to check the latest LEGO product ideas that managed to gather the necessary 10K fan votes to move on to the next LEGO Ideas Review Cycle. Happy building!

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