The LEGO Ideas Third 2020 Review Results Announced

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After going through 25 product ideas, the LEGO Ideas Review Team has finally made its selection with the announcement of the LEGO Ideas Third 2020 Review Stage results. Among 25 product ideas that reached 10,000 supporters over at the LEGO Ideas website from September 2020 to January 2021, the review board is finally ready to share their decision.

The title and honor of becoming the next official LEGO Ideas set goes to the original creation of LEGO fan designer Sandro Quattrini (aka Roses Must Build), the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse. You may watch the official announcement by LEGO Ideas Engagement Manager, Hasan Jensen, and LEGO Ideas Design Manager, Samuel Johnson right here.

lego ideas lighthouse

lego ideas 3rd 2020 review

Though this is not the first time that LEGO offered a brick-built lighthouse, the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse will be the first to be featured on such a large scale with automated functionalities. Sandro’s original concept is to create the lighthouse up to 47 cm. tall, making it up to scale with nanofigures. It also includes Power Functions to make the base of the light brick rotate on top of the lighthouse. Watch the video demonstration below to have a better look.

As a LEGO Ideas fan, I am truly supportive of LEGO fan designers who took the time and effort of designing and promoting their original creations. Love it or hate it, the LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse is no doubt a work of art and a testament to the ingenuity and skills of LEGO fan designers. It’s impractical to expect that everyone will be happy with the decision of the LEGO Ideas Review Board, but at the end of the day, the LEGO Ideas platform is a celebration of the talent and skills of LEGO fan builders and the overwhelming support that they receive from the community. So again, a huge congratulations to Sandro for this original creation.

Looking forward, the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage is about to be wrapped up, with a record-breaking total of 57 entries being currently in review. The results of this review cycle are slated to be announced sometime this fall, and I’m pretty excited at what original creation or creations, will eventually be selected to become the next LEGO Ideas set(s).

first 2021 lego ideas review
A total of 57 product ideas are vying to become the next LEGO Ideas set, slated to be announced this fall of 2021. 

And while waiting for these results, and if you haven’t done so yet, I suggest that you take a closer look at the recently offered LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327). For more LEGO Ideas sets, you may also take a look at LEGO Shop@Home.  Again, congratulations to Sandro and to his LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse!

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