WATCH: LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327) Designer Video

LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327)

To celebrate the official debut of the LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327), LEGO Designer Master Wes Talbott gives us a  behind-the-scenes look at the creative process that went through the creation of this nostalgic set. Watch the video below.

As a brainchild of LEGO Ideas fan designer Steve Guinness,  this latest LEGO Ideas offering features some of the ingenious ways of combining LEGO Technic and System elements from a technical perspective. Its functional key mechanisms are quite impressive because there are a total of 31 keys that you can actually press. These keys interact with the working type bar, brick-built carriage, and platen roller to give that authentic nostalgic feel of using an actual typewriter. Aesthetically, the choice of giving it a sand green color scheme was inspired by the office instruments used by LEGO Group founder Ole Kirk Christiansen. The LEGO Ideas Typewriter was actually based on the classic Erika-10 typewriter that once occupied the desktop space of the venerable founder.

LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327)

The LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327) is slated to have an early VIP release on June 16, and to the rest of the public on July 1. If you wish to add this to your LEGO wishlist, be sure to check out the following affiliate link below.

LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327)

2,079 pieces | $199.99 | Coming soon on July 1; with an early VIP release on June 16, 2021. 

21327 Back 01 21327 Box1 v29 21327 Box5 v29

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