LEGO Mini Adidas Originals Superstar (40486) Building Instructions Now Up

LEGO Mini Adidas

In case you missed out on the July 2021 LEGO Store Calendar, you may want to know that LEGO is currently offering a gift-with-purchase (GWP) set in the form of the LEGO Mini Adidas Originals Superstar (40486). This GWP is a smaller, chibi version of its counterpart the LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar (10282), and is available as a promotional item for a single-receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $85 and above.

Aside from the very much welcomed gesture of extending its promo period until July 20 (as long as supplies last), the LEGO Customer service portal has also uploaded the building instructions for the LEGO Mini Adidas Originals Superstar (40486) which you can access right here.

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Having the instructions available online is a great way to try and build this replica while waiting for your LEGO Shop@Home orders to arrive. Here’s the parts list if you want to check them out. You may also want to see if you have these parts in your LEGO inventory as well.

6374296 2 6374296 3

Coming in at 92 pieces, the majority of these parts are quite common except for the recently introduced 2X2X1 1/3 Brick with Bow element which was first introduced in 2020 together with the LEGO Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (43179) set. This piece is also found in other larger, 18+ sets such as the LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street (21324) and LEGO Creator Expert Ghostbusters ECTO-1 (10274) sets.

This curved element is used to create a more organic feel to the LEGO Mini Adidas, particularly at the tip of the shoe. So it’s quite a challenge to look for alternatives in case you don’t have this piece in your LEGO collection.

Overall, having these instructions available online is a nice way to create a brick-built pair to go along with this GWP. Happy building!

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2 thoughts on “LEGO Mini Adidas Originals Superstar (40486) Building Instructions Now Up”

  1. Just have to get new piece 6299937 in order to build, highly doubt many young builders have this part on hand, might as well wait for lego order.

    Always great content on Brickshow, really miss the YouTube channel.

    1. Same thought as well. And though I might not be able to recreate that very same build with that missing piece, it will also be great to experiment using alternative LEGO pieces.

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