LEGO Taco Stand GWP Set Available in LEGO Stores in Mexico

LEGO Mexico unveils a collectible gift-with-purchase (GWP) set inspired by the iconic taco stand, available exclusively in LEGO Stores across Mexico. LEGO fans in Mexico are in for a treat as the LEGO Group’s Mexican division introduces the new LEGO Taco Stand GWP set centered around the famous taco stand. This limited edition set promises to be a delightful addition to any LEGO collection, especially if you’re into building and collecting LEGO City sets.

Discovering the LEGO Taco Stand GWP

The LEGO Store in Mexico, known as legostoresmx on Instagram, has officially announced the arrival of a new and exciting gift-with-purchase. This particular GWP set pays homage to the beloved Mexican culinary tradition of tacos and captures the essence of a vibrant Taco stand in the form of LEGO bricks.

Exclusive Availability of the LEGO Taco Stand GWP Set at LEGO Certified Stores in Mexico

lego taco stand gwp

This LEGO promotional set, named and certified as LCS MX Special GWP Taco Stand, is specifically designated for LEGO-certified stores in Mexico. The title itself indicates that this unique set will remain exclusive to LEGO enthusiasts within Mexico’s borders. This exclusivity adds an extra layer of allure to the LEGO Taco Stand GWP, especially since it is made clear that it will not be offered anywhere else.

Limited Time Availability and Pricing Details

Though the official announcement makes it clear that the LEGO Taco Stand GWP has already been rolled out starting May 12, it does not specify until when the offer will expire. But it is right to assume that the LEGO Taco Stand GWP set will be available in Mexico for a limited period, or until supplies last.

To secure this collectible set, LEGO customers will need to make a qualifying purchase of $3,999 MXN, equivalent to around $227 USD as per current currency conversion rates.

Taking a Closer Look at LEGO Taco Stand GWP Set

The LEGO Taco Stand GWP set showcases an intricately designed build that features a minifigure cook positioned behind a counter. Alongside the minifigure, a trompo (or a traditional rotating meat grill) and an assortment of toppings await for LEGO minifigures to craft and enjoy their perfect taco creation. An eye-catching archway adorns the backdrop, housing two bowls and a counter design promoting the LEGO tacos.

Will There be Building Instructions for This?

Due to the set’s distinct name and thematic focus, it is highly unlikely that the LEGO Taco Stand GWP will be available outside of Mexico. Nevertheless, for those residing elsewhere who desire to experience the joy of this taco stand-inspired set, the possibility of recreating is not far-fetched. If the unique designs on the set are not printed, LEGO fans can somehow replicate this build. Especially if there’s a kind soul out there might share the building instructions in creating this piece.

LEGO collectors and fans of Mexican cuisine alike can rejoice as the LEGO Taco Stand GWP set offers a captivating and exclusive addition to LEGO collections. With its intricate design and vibrant representation of a cultural icon, this limited edition set promises to be a cherished item for LEGO fans in Mexico.

LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589) Promotional Set Officially Revealed

Last week, we caught a glimpse of what could be our next gift-with-purchase (or GWP) set following other promotional freebies such as the LEGO Flowerpot and LEGO Houses of the World 2. And thanks to LEGO Australia’s home shopping portal, we now get to see the official images and product description of the LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589).

This latest GWP set comes in at 168 pieces and includes two children minifigures in their pirate garb. The build itself is a playful, brick-built take on a mini pirate ship as our minifigure characters will have it. Plus, it also includes a slide, a cute rotating octopus, a treasure chest, and a palm tree. The playfulness of this set is somehow reminiscent of what we can find from last year’s LEGO VIP exclusive gift which is the Pirate Adventure Ride (6432431) and LEGO Ideas Cosmic Cardboard Adventures (40533).

LEGO Pirate Ship Playground

Valued at $30, there is no word yet on how much you need to spend online or in-store to bag this freebie. If LEGO intends to have this as a Children’s Day gift as the product description suggests, then we might see a release date sometime in June. Children’s Day in the US is celebrated every June 11 so we might see a release date for the LEGO Pirate Ship Playground around the first week of June.

Check out the rest of the details of this promotional set as seen over at Stay tuned for future updates on this promotional set’s availability.

LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589)

168 pieces | Valued at $29.99 | Coming soon as a gift-with-purchase set sometime in June, 2023

40589 alt1 40589 alt2

Inspire imaginative play for kids aged 7 and up as they have fun building this sweet LEGO® Pirate Ship Playground (40589). The pirate ship comes with a slide, a water cannon, 2 kid minifigures, a palm tree, a rotating octopus, and other fun pirate-themed details. This set makes a great gift to celebrate Children’s Day or any other occasion.

  • Creative play for kids – Give your little shipmates a fun building set with this LEGO® Pirate Ship Playground (40589) set for kids aged 7 and up. Makes a gift idea for Children’s Day
  • Pirate-themed features – The build includes a slide, a water cannon, 2 kid minifigures, a palm tree, a rotating octopus, and other fun features
  • Dimensions – The model measures over 4 in. (12 cm) high, 9 in. (25 cm) wide and 5 in. (14 cm) deep

LEGO Flowerpot (40588) Gift-With-Purchase Set Officially Revealed

Following the official reveal of the LEGO Houses of the World 2, we now have another promotional set that deserves a spot in your LEGO flora collection. The beautifully brick-rendered LEGO Flowerpot (40588) is our next gift-with-purchase set to watch out for.

LEGO Flowerpot

Currently listed on LEGO’s Australian web store, the LEGO Flowerpot is valued at $40 and comes in at 292 pieces. As of this post, this promotional set is not yet listed at US and details on how to redeem this set are not yet published. But given the value of this set, it is likely that it may also be offered for free once you reach a minimum LEGO spend of $250 or more.

The LEGO Flowerpot is inspired by LEGO’s Botanical Collection featuring several springtime favorites such as cherry blossoms and billy buttons. Its box art comes in a predominantly lavender color and also bears LEGO’s limited-edition branding at the bottom.

I’ll keep you posted once more details come in, especially about this set’s promo mechanics. In the meantime, check out the rest of its product details and images below.

LEGO Flowerpot (40588)

292 pieces | Gift-with-purchase set valued at $39.99 

40588 1

40588 alt1 40588 alt2

Enjoy a mindful building project with a display piece to cherish as you build all the details of this LEGO® Flowerpot (40588). The elegant flowerpot holds LEGO interpretations of springtime favorites such as cherry blossoms, billy buttons, and other blooms. This LEGO flower-building set makes a great gift for plant lovers or anyone aged 12 and over with a passion for home decor.

  • LEGO® flower building set – The flowerpot comes with LEGO versions of springtime flowers including cherry blossom, Salix discolor, and billy buttons
  • A gift for home decor fans – This LEGO® Flowerpot (40588) set makes a mindful building project for anyone with a passion for plants or home decoration
  • Measurements – The model measures over 29 cm (11 in.) high, 12 cm (4 in.) wide, and 12 cm (4 in.) deep

LEGO Houses of the World 2 (40590) Promotional Set Officially Revealed

Following a sneak peek of our next wave of LEGO GWP sets, has now been updated to include official images and product description of the LEGO Houses of the World 2 (40590). As the name suggests, this GWP (or gift-with-purchase) set is the second promotional offering following the modular and South American-inspired LEGO Houses of the World 1 (40583).

LEGO Houses of the World 2

Coming in at 270 pieces, LEGO Houses of the World 2 takes its inspiration from the aesthetic designs of North African homes as mentioned in its official product description. However, I can’t help but notice that it has also certain design elements coming from homes in the Middle East such as in Saudi Arabia.

LEGO Houses of the World 2 is valued at $20 and is the second set out of four from this particular series. And if it will follow its predecessor’s offering price point, then we can somewhat assume that this promotional set may be added to your cart for free once you reach a a minimum spend of $250. I have to admit that as a GWP set, it has an  outrageously high redemption price as compared to earlier promotions. But if you’re looking forward to bagging premium LEGO Icons sets such as The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell (10316), or  the Loop Coaster (10303), then you may want to time your purchases accordingly once the LEGO Houses of the World 2 promo goes live.

I’ll keep you posted once more details about this promotional item is released. For now, check out these crystal clear images.

LEGO Houses of the World 2 (40590)

270 pieces | Gift-with-purchase set valued at $19.99 

40590 alt1 40590 alt2 40590 alt3

40590 alt4

Welcome home! Here’s the second addition to the LEGO® Houses of the World collection – a beautiful North African house (40590). Build the architectural details and admire the traditional, colorful, North African interior decor. The modular design makes it easy to combine this house with others from the collection (40583, 40594 and 40599) – each available separately.

  • Celebrate world architecture – Build the second home (40590) in a collection of LEGO® houses from around the globe with this North African-themed building kit
  • A gift for travel and architecture fans – This set can be given as a gift for anyone interested in different cultures
  • Dimensions – This model measures over 4 in. (11 cm) high, 4 in. (11 cm) wide and 3 in. (9 cm) deep

More LEGO Limited Edition Gift-With-Purchase Sets Coming Soon 

If you’re a fan of LEGO’s premium, promotional sets, then you will be glad to know that more LEGO limited edition gift-with-purchase sets are coming this April and beyond. Although the images are not optimal and quite blurry, brief product descriptions have been released by LEGO allowing us to have a sneak peek, and we are here to give you a sneak peek of what we can expect from them.

LEGO Limited Edition Gift-With-Purchase Box Design

According to a report by Stonewars, we can expect three promotional sets to be offered and revealed anytime soon. Following the design template of their predecessor particularly that from the LEGO Houses of the World 1 (40583), their unique box design adds to the exclusivity of these gifts and makes them even more desirable. With parts ranging somewhere between 168 and 292 pieces, each set has a unique theme that will surely appeal to a wide range of customers.

And though these images might be quite blurry for now, you can still have a good grasp on what we can expect from them. Furthermore, a quick search of LEGO’s building instructions page shows that these sets are already added to their database. Only their respective set names, numbers, and a picture placeholder can be seen as of now. But it suggests that an official product page for these LEGO limited edition gift-with-purchase sets are eventually coming soon. Take a look.

LEGO Flowerpot (40588)

292 pieces | Coming soon in April 2023?

LEGO Limited Edition Gift-With-Purchase

• LEGO flower construction set: The flower pot contains LEGO versions of popular spring flowers such as cherry blossoms and drumsticks
• Gift for fans of beautiful interiors: The LEGO flower pot (40588) is a fascinating building project for everyone who loves plants and beautiful interiors
• Dimensions: The model is 29 cm high, 12 cm wide, and 12 cm deep


LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589)

168 pieces | Includes two minifigures | Coming soon in April 2023?

LEGO Limited Edition Gift-With-Purchase

• Creative children’s toys: The LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589) is an exciting building set for little sailors aged 7 and up. Nice gift idea for World Children’s Day
• Lots of pirate details: In the playground, you will find a slide, a water cannon, 2 children’s minifigures, a palm tree, and a rotating octopus, among other things • Dimensions:
The model is 12 cm high, 25 cm wide, and 14 cm deep


LEGO Houses of the World 2 (40590)

270 pieces | Coming soon in April 2023?

LEGO Limited Edition Gift-With-Purchase

• Celebrate the architecture of the world with this second building set (40590): Build this North African-inspired building from a collection of LEGO houses from around the world • Gift
for globetrotters and architecture fans: Give this set to someone who is interested in other cultures
• Dimensions: This model is 11 cm high, 11 cm wide, and 9 cm deep


Availability and Redemption

While we are eagerly anticipating the release of these sets, it’s still unclear when they will be available as free gifts in the LEGO online shop or brand stores. In some cases, sets such as the LEGO Architecture World of Wonders (40585) released last month may only be available as a VIP bonus for those who have accumulated enough points. It is still unclear at this point if these three LEGO limited edition gift-with-purchase sets will follow the same marketing strategy. Additionally, the exact availability periods and minimum order values are also yet to be confirmed.

You don’t need to worry though. I’ll keep you posted on the latest information regarding these exciting new sets. Once their official product announcement goes live on LEGO’s campaign page, you can find the full conditions for redemption. Keep an eye out for these updates, and of course, keep tabs on our blog site for more details so you don’t miss out on any of these amazing sets.

Special thanks once again to Stone Wars for the heads-up.


LEGO 2K Drive Exclusive Gift-With-Purchase Set Coming Soon  

It has been customary for major LEGO video game titles to come with exclusive LEGO goodies included in their special editions or pre-order bonuses. And following the official announcement of 2K’s first LEGO title, this tradition continues as fans can expect a LEGO 2K Drive exclusive promotional set to be offered.

This exciting game will be launched in three different editions, and the physical Awesome Edition comes with an exclusive 2K branded, LEGO 3-in-1 Aquadirt Racer Vehicle.

Build Your Very Own LEGO 2K Drive Exclusive Aquadirt Racer Vehicle

If you purchase the physical Awesome Edition of LEGO 2K Drive, you’ll get everything you need to build your very own brick-built 3-in-1 Aquadirt Racer vehicle. This physical LEGO kit can be built it into three different forms: Street, Off-Road, or Water Racer. The Aquadirt Racer vehicle is an exciting addition to any LEGO fan’s collection and offers a unique building experience to complement the video game experience.

LEGO 2K Drive Exclusive

Exclusive LEGO Kit

This physical LEGO set that goes with the LEGO 2K Drive Awesome Edition is exclusive to the game. This means that you won’t be able to find this particular LEGO set anywhere else. The set includes a unique 2K branded LEGO model and all the pieces required to build the Aquadirt Racer vehicle.

3 in 1 aquadirt racer 2

Digital Pre-Order Bonus

The Aquadirt Racer vehicle will also be available in digital form as a pre-order bonus. This means that if you pre-order LEGO 2K Drive, you’ll receive a code that unlocks the digital version of the Aquadirt Racer vehicle in the game. While the digital version doesn’t offer the same building experience as the physical LEGO set, it’s still a great addition to the game and can be used to race against friends or other players online.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to add this unique set to your collection. LEGO 2K Drive is set to release on May 19th, so mark your calendars and get ready to race!

LEGO Easter Basket (40587) Is Our Next GWP Set

LEGO is also gearing up for this year’s Easter celebrations, as it updates its online shopping portal to include this year’s next promotional. The uber-cute LEGO Easter Basket (40587) is our next gift-with-purchase (GWP) set that you may not want to miss.

40587 1

This 368-piece promotional gift features a cute brick bunny inside a basket full of flowers. The bunny itself comes with a pair of poseable ears and a moveable head for a more wide and dynamic range of display features. Personally, I believe this is one of the best LEGO Seasonal sets out there in terms of aesthetics.

There’s no word yet on when this promo item will be offered and at what price point. However, fellow LEGO fan site Hoth Bricks speculate that it may be offered sometime between March 16 to April 9 just in time for this year’s LEGO Easter festivities.

In the meantime, check out the following product description and official images of the LEGO Easter Basket (40587).

LEGO Easter Basket (40587)

368 pieces | Valued at $19.99 | Gift-with-purchase set

Mark Easter and the arrival of spring with this adorable LEGO® Easter Basket (40587). See the cute Easter bunny hiding in a little brown gift basket of colorful spring flowers. The bunny’s head rotates and the ears bend. The model makes a sweet display piece to add to your Easter decorations or an Easter gift for kids aged 9 and up, as well as teens and adults.

  • Build a tribute to Easter – Create a LEGO® addition to your Easter decorations with this buildable LEGO Easter Basket (40587) gift
  • Springtime is here – Celebrate the arrival of a new season with a displayable model set that also makes a great Easter gift for kids aged 9 and up, as well as teens and adults
  • Dimensions – Model measures over 5 in. (13 cm) high, 4 in. (11 cm) wide and 3 in. (9 cm) deep

LEGO City 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue (40582) Revealed as the Next GWP Set.

In case you missed out on the announcement, LEGO has revealed another promotional set we can claim until February 27. So if you’re eyeing the latest LEGO City sets such as the LEGO City Stuntz or the LEGO City Fire Rescue sets, then you may want to make that purchase now and bag the LEGO City 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue (40582) for free.

LEGO City 4x4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue

This latest freebie comes in at 162 pieces and features a 4×4 ambulance, a mountain bike, and three minifigures. It’s a pretty impressive build for a gift-with-purchase set in my opinion, valued at $20. Though availing of this set is only limited to LEGO City purchases worth $95 and more, it is a nice freebie to have that complements the latest wave of rescue vehicles coming from the theme. Plus, if you’re making your next LEGO City purchase today until February 16, as a LEGO VIP member, you also get to enjoy Double VIP points for your next LEGO purchases.

Read on for the rest of the details of this set plus take a look at its official set images. Remember, this offer is valid only until February 27 so be sure to take advantage of this promo.

LEGO City 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue (40582)

162 pieces | Valued at 19.99 | Gift-with-purchase set offered from February 10-27, 2023, or while supplies last.  

LEGO City 4x4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue 40582 alt2

40582 alt4

Kids can head off the beaten track for heroic rescue adventures with this LEGO® City 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue (40582) playset, featuring a rugged toy ambulance, a mountain bike, and a dirt track setting. Just add the cyclist and 2 paramedic minifigures for hours of imaginative role-play.

  • Toy 4×4 ambulance for off-road rescue adventures – LEGO® City 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue (40582) playset for kids aged 6 and up
  • Fun features for realistic rescue action – The 4×4 ambulance includes a removable stretcher and roof rails for carrying the included toy mountain bike
  • Dimensions – The toy ambulance in this 162-piece playset measures over 3 in. (7 cm) high, 5.5 in. (14 cm) long, and 2.5 in. (6 cm) wide

LEGO Icons Moving Truck (40586) Promotional Set Officially Revealed

Last week, a new promotional or gift-with-purchase set was spotted in the wild in the form of the LEGO Icons Moving Truck (40586). Though we only had a glimpse of its box art, it’s nice to know that LEGO has finally given us an official reveal of this freebie, and what it has to offer.

40586 1 1

We’re still waiting for more details on how you can have this set and of its purchasing conditions. But since LEGO is offering another promotional set in the form of the LEGO City 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue (40582) from February 10-27, 2023, then we can somewhat expect the Moving Truck to follow soon.

The LEGO Icons Moving Truck (40586) is a perfect companion to the LEGO Icons Jazz Club. And if you’re planning to purchase the latter anytime soon, then it will be wise to wait a bit and to time your next LEGO purchase when the Moving Truck is offered as a free promotional item. In case you need to know, the building instructions for this set have also been uploaded by LEGO if you want to take a look.

Check out these official images below, including the Moving Truck’s product description.

LEGO Icons Moving Truck (40586)

301 pieces | $24.99 | Coming soon

40586 alt1 40586 alt2 40586 alt3

Introducing the LEGO® Icons Moving Truck (40586) building set, an immersive project for adults that’s sure to deliver hours of enjoyment. The set includes 2 LEGO minifigure movers who are on their way to deliver furniture to a jazz club. You can switch the minifigures’ expressions to tell fun stories, and the van has a removable roof and opening doors so you can fit all the accessories – including a jukebox and a piano – inside. Display your model as an eye-catching addition to any office or home.

  • Build a moving truck – A detailed moving truck that features a removable roof and opening doors; everything included in the set fits inside the truck
  • Meet the characters – The set comes with 2 LEGO® minifigure movers and furniture including a jukebox, piano and dresser
  • Dimensions – This product measures over 4 in. (9 cm) high, 2 in. (5 cm) long and 6 in. (15 cm) wide

LEGO Architecture World of Wonders (40585) GWP Set Coming Soon’s customer service portal, particularly its building instructions page, may have given us a glimpse of the next gift-with-purchase we can expect any time soon. The LEGO Architecture World of Wonders (40585) set is the next LEGO promotional set that fans of the Architecture theme may want to add to their collection.

UPDATE (February 2, 2023): The LEGO  World of Wonders (40585) is now listed at LEGO’s VIP Rewards Center. For 2,700 VIP points, you can redeem a promo code that you can use for the next 60 days if you’re planning to make any LEGO purchases any time soon. If you’re looking forward to some of the March and April sets, while bagging this exclusive freebie at the same time, then planning your next purchase ahead will all be worth it. 

First is the LEGO World of Wonders (40585) which costs 2,700 points. The other gift is the Birthday Diorama (40584) which costs 2,100 points to get. Once you redeem the codes, you’ll have 60 days to use them so if there isn’t any catching your eye this month, you can wait until March when the next larger release schedule is happening.

Though there are no specifics yet regarding when and how to claim it, the LEGO Architecture World of Wonders (40585) microscale model is expected to weigh in at 382 pieces and features some of the world’s new Seven Wonders of the World.  This freebie of a set features miniature brick-built replicas of The Parthenon, The Great Wall of China, Al-Khazneh, and the Taj Mahal.

LEGO World of Wonders

40585 2 40585 3

To date, the LEGO Architecture theme has produced replicas of some of these new wonders of the world. And it’s cool to see how LEGO designers captured the likes of the LEGO Architecture Great Wall of China (21041) and Taj Mahal (21056) sets into microscale formats with this latest promotional offering. I am a fan of microscale models, so I’m looking forward to seeing this gift-with-purchase up close and personal. I hope LEGO will throw in some printed tiles instead of stickers for a premium GWP set like this one.

Currently, there is no official product listing for this new promotional set aside to this link pointing at its building instructions. But given its value and features, I say this will definitely come at a higher price point for qualifying purchases. I’ll keep this updated once new information comes in.