LEGO Ninjago 10th Anniversary BrickHeadz (40490) Back in Stock Via LEGO UK

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LEGO Ninjago fans in the UK and Europe might be glad to know that the commemorative LEGO Ninjago 10th Anniversary BrickHeadz (40490) set is now back in stock over at UK LEGO Shop@Home. The said celebratory set was also made available in the US earlier this month but is now unavailable because of the understandable demand from fans.

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Initially, the LEGO Ninjago 10th Anniversary BrickHeadz (40490) set was offered as a promotional set during the whole month of June. For an additional $10 over your single-receipt LEGO Ninjago purchase worth $85, this limited-edition 3-in-1 BrickHeadz will be added to your card accordingly. The set is originally valued at $30 and features the BrickHeadz versions of Golden Lloyd, Nya Samurai X, and the Firstbourne Dragon. For fans who missed this window of opportunity, LEGO also opted to put the set on sale earlier this month. However, stocks in the US seem to have depleted quite quickly since the set was first officially listed over at LEGO Shop@Home.

It’s great to hear that LEGO fans in the UK will have their shot once again of this commemorative LEGO Ninjago set, and we just have to wait and see if it will be the same case in the US and the rest of the world.

Just click on the following affiliate link below in case you want to take a look. Just be quick though, since it may be temporarily out of stock once again.


LEGO Ninjago 10th Anniversary BrickHeadz (40490)

406 pieces | $29.99, 29.99€, £25.99

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Kids will love to display these 3 brilliant BrickHeadz™ models – Firstbourne Dragon, Nya Samurai X, and Golden Lloyd – to celebrate the 10th anniversary of NINJAGO® toys.

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