10-K Support Reached for LEGO Ideas Proposal “House of Time” by Kevin Feeser


Announcing the triumph of another set proposal becoming an official LEGO Ideas product never gets old. It is even better when the new 10-K support-hitter hails from a repeat successful contributor builder. LEGO Ideas member Kevin Feeser hit it out of the park with his Tree House (21318) set, released 2019. His latest (and second total) proposal on the Ideas site is a brick-built old-fashioned cuckoo clock. He calls it the House of Time. His current online moniker, KevinTimeHouse even reflects it. Submitted in November 2020, House of Time made the magic 10,000-support milestone and is now under review, as Brick Fanatics tells us.

Just looking at the set on LEGO Ideas, one gets why Kevin’s House of Time is a sure 10-K magnet. His earlier Tree House (21318) showed build complexity in terms of mind-boggling detail. House of Time, while just as detailed, demonstrates complexity in terms of brick mechanics. As we already said, the set looks like an antique cuckoo clock. You know what that means: a moving clock face, pendulum, and a cuckoo sounding the hours. House of Time goes the extra mile by featuring a moving model train on a track, all moved by gears driven by LEGO Power Functions.

House of Time is a hybrid set of sorts. Its 2,800 or so parts composed of traditional LEGO bricks and LEGO Technic pieces for its internal mechanics. Between this and Tree House (21318), Kevin Feeser has a 100% batting average when it comes to 10-K support. It probably helps that he only has two submissions total on the LEGO Ideas website. Now it’s up to his new proposal to pass review by the Ideas crew. Considering how many other projects have made the Second 2021 Review Stage, this is going right down the line.

As a preview, other proposals in the current LEGO Ideas Review Stage include Minas Tirith, KITT and the FLAG Command Truck from “Knight Rider,” a Gamestop Classic Shop, the Orca and Great White Shark from “Jaws,” “Scooby Doo” Mystery Machine, the Eagle 5 Winnebago starship from “Spaceballs,” and so much more; like 32 proposals all in all. Here’s wishing the best of luck to KevinTimeHouse.

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